Hit or Miss?

Can we replace Chris Brown with this guy?


I am starting to warm up to Janelle…


Xtina sings At Last at Etta James funeral.

Ziz posted this utube of Xtina singing at Etta James funeral. Made me cry. RIP Etta!


My new jam

Flo Rida ft Sia – Wild Ones


New Scissor Sisters


Holiday Music

So it’s that time of year and I love holiday music. And gingerbread lattes. Mmmm…gingerbread lattes.

Anyway, I’m always looking for new holiday music. I like all sorts of holiday music, even if it’s not the type of music I typically enjoy. For example, I love The Weepies All That I Want (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0EJbr0rFV4), which is way folkier than I usually go for. More to my usual taste is the dippy electropop of Where Are You Christmas (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yfDLiPoLzg).

I loathe Sarah McLachlan and am indifferent to BNL but love love love their mashup of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and We Three Kings (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGVNzgUxE-g).

Any recommendations? 

One caveat: I hate hate hate Little Drummer Boy. Adam and Guetta could team up for a remix of that song and I still don’t think I’d like it.

Pink’s Recording of Whataya Want From Me

I really like Pink’s version. I was surprised that the arrangement and instrumental track was the same as Adam’s rendition. I think that this song will only be available on Pink’s upcoming CD release in Australia and Germany.




Hit Or Miss? Tipsy: Big Heed And Alien

Sirius Hits 1 is playing this one alot lately- whataya think?

Ok, I don’t like the guy, but this is pretty…

Hit or Miss: What’s My Name – Rihanna ft. Drake

Her follow-up to “Only Girl in the World.” This is one of those “instant love” songs for me. I think Rihanna sounds awesome, but Drake can get out. He kinda ruins it a little IMO. But out of the recent leaks/releases from the girls lately (Kesha, Pink, Gaga), this one is my favorite.

Hit or Miss?

Our lovely little Taylors Swift’s new single…


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