Daily Numbers 4/03/2012


HAC: We are defending stronger updates again this week, hence the weaker updates.
CHR: KUDD is lowering rotation quite a bit.


CHR: LMFAO “Sexy and I Know It”, Selene “Love You Like a Lovesong”, Hot Chelle Rae “I Like It Like That”. Fray “Heartbeat”, Colbie “Brighter Than The Sun” and We Are The Kings “Say You Like Me” might be purged.
HAC: Maroon 5 “Moves Like Jagger”, Kelly Clarkson “Mr Know It All”, Daughtry “Crawling Back To You”, Fray “Heartbeat” and maybe Ellie Goulding “Lights” but who knows.


Rick Dees (HAC): BTIKM #35
VH1: BTIKM #17


(via kworb.net)


40 36 ADAM LAMBERT Better Than I Know Myself 185 161 24 1.514
+5 Spins
+3 Bullet
= AI

54 41 ADAM LAMBERT Better Than I Know Myself 23 9 14 0.073
+1 Spin
-2 Bullet
+0.003 AI

59 62 LAMBERT, ADAM Better Than I Know Myself 263 271 -8 0.736
*Update from 04/03-12.

29 29 ADAM LAMBERT Better Than I Know Myself 783 626 157 3.153
+11 Spins
-26 Bullet
+0.050 AI

Distance to competitors
The distances chart reflects the relative movement of BTIKM to selected competitors. These are typically songs that BTIKM is likely to pass when moving up the chart, or songs that are likely to pass BTIKM. Green text indicates that BTIKM gained on the song in question compared to yesterday’s update, while red text indicates that BTIKM lost terrain to the song in question.
The actual daily changes are the +/- numbers in parenthesis. Finally, when using the term “ahead of” then BTIKM is higher on the chart than the song in question. Conversely, the term “away from” means that BTIKM is lower on the chart than the relevant song.

330 spins ahead of The Script (-4)
187 spins ahead of The Wanted (-45)
150 spins ahead of Adele (-58)
52 spins away from Nickelback (-11)
109 spins away from Ellie (+46)
134 spins away from Flo Rida (+10)
137 spins away from Nathanson (-5)
203 spins away from Flo + Mach (+15)
297 spins away from FTP (-2)
374 spins away from HCR (+14)

Updates in context:







No starters.

*Starters are stations that have spun the song at least twice in the indicated period. Leaders show the top 20 stations that spin a song 7 times or more in the indicated period.


8 Responses to Daily Numbers 4/03/2012

  1. The interesting thing about this CHR number is that AI is up even though spins are down 8 from last week.
    Last week’s AI .649
    This week .736

    I am assuming this may be because Boston KISS has a bigger AI but is spinning it less, than some smaller station (KUDD?) which probably lowered its spins?!

  2. Sorry, to spam, but will there be anyway for us to know where he ends up on CHR this week?

  3. saga says:

    I am still waiting for AA to update to see what #50 has in spins. And yes, the negative bullet on chr is probably due to KUDD.

  4. saga says:

    Ok, we’re ~100 spins away from top50 on chr.

  5. Sorry, one more quetsion. I saw on the Pulse board that 7 songs either went recurrrent or were purged in the top 50 of Top 40. So, would that mean that Adam moved up to #55, since he was 62 before the recurrents?

  6. saga says:

    I think it was 8 songs? But yeah, BTIKM is now #54-55 on CHR. But we need new spinners, and spinners that spin more than 7 spins/week! If we only get 7 spins a week spinners we’d need 15 new spinners to get those 100 spins we’re missing for top50. See what I mean?

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