Daily Numbers 01/02/2012


BTIKM #844


41 36 ADAM LAMBERT Better Than I Know Myself 159 138 21 1.151
+4 Spins
=   Bullet
-0.020 AI

65 70 LAMBERT, ADAM Better Than I Know Myself 126 134 -8 0.351*
*Update from 31/01-12.

38 37 ADAM LAMBERT Better Than I Know Myself 297 223 74 1.355
+12 Spins
-5 Bullet
+0.064 AI

Distance to competitors

The distances chart reflects the relative movement of BTIKM to selected competitors. These are typically songs that BTIKM is likely to pass when moving up the chart, or songs that are likely to pass BTIKM. Green text indicates that BTIKM gained on the song in question compared to yesterday’s update, while red text indicates that BTIKM lost terrain to the song in question.
The actual daily changes are the +/- numbers in parantheses. Finally, when using the term “ahead of” then BTIKM is higher on the chart than the song in question. Conversely, the term “away from” means that BTIKM is lower on the chart than the relevant song.

63 spins ahead of Guetta (+5)
36 spins ahead of Outasight (+3)
10 spins ahead of Nickelback (-7)
9 spins away from Nickelback WWST (+41)
10 spins away from Evanescence (+24)
61 spins away from F&T (+4)
150 spins away from Gaga (+32)
151 spins away from The Cab (+15)
238 spins away from Avril (+89)

Updates in context:







*Starters are stations that have spun the song at least twice in the indicated period. Leaders show the top 20 stations that spin a song 7 times or more in the indicated period.


4 Responses to Daily Numbers 01/02/2012

  1. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    So were the Top 40 adds yesterday kind of underwhelming? One top 10 martket add and the rest much lower ranked stations? It looks like this is going to be a long haul.

  2. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    There’s been a discussion elsewhere about whether BTIKM is a “typical” CHR/Top 40 kind of song or more suited to HAC. I listen to HAC and some AC (I really dislike rap), but it seems to me that more and more, HAC is playing current songs from CHR (minus rap and dance music) sooner than before, and even AC is playing CHR songs sooner than they used to. So is there really a “typical” CHR/Top 40 song and is BTIKM one of these? You guys are regular listeners of CHR/Top 40 radio, so what do you think? At this point, if BTIKM is “suitable”, is it mainly desirable to gain CHR/Top 40 radioplay because the audience is so much larger than HAC and AC?

    • samantha says:

      Fuzzy, the other guys can answer the first questions far better than I can. But I do know that (basically) the answer to your last question is “yes.” Much larger AI.

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