Daily Numbers 28/01/2012


Since some people were interested in the Canadian charts, we’re now including starters and leaders for Canada HAC as well.


AT40 CHR & HAC played a snippet of BTKIM (does not count as a spin) plus WWFM was an optional extra.


Music video premiere (updated) 3/2 at Vevo


BTIKM: #843


42 39 ADAM LAMBERT Better Than I Know Myself 149 127 22 1.403
+8 Spins
+6 Bullet
-0.035 AI

78 66 LAMBERT, ADAM Better Than I Know Myself 135 86 49 0.367*
*Update from 25/01-12.

45 38 ADAM LAMBERT Better Than I Know Myself 255 176 79 1.171
+8 Spins
-2 Bullet
+0.057 AI

Distances to competitors

The distances chart reflects the relative movement of BTIKM to selected competitors. These are typically songs that BTIKM is likely to pass when moving up the chart, or songs that are likely to pass BTIKM. Green text indicates that BTIKM gained on the song in question compared to yesterday’s update, while red text indicates that BTIKM lost terrain to the song in question.
The actual daily changes are the +/- numbers in parantheses. Finally, when using the term “ahead of” then BTIKM is higher on the chart than the song in question. Conversely, the term “away from” means that BTIKM is lower on the chart than the relevant song.

72 spins ahead of Guetta (+1)
36 spins ahead of Nickelback (-6)
35 spins ahead of Bush (+8)
11 spins ahead of Outasight (+4)
76 spins away from F&T (=)
82 spins away from Evanescence (+15)
146 spins away from Nickelback WWST (+41)
188 spins away from The Cab (+5)




*Starters are stations that have spun the song at least twice in the indicated period. Leaders show the top 20 stations that spin a song 7 times or more in the indicated period.


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8 Responses to Daily Numbers 28/01/2012

  1. OMG! I just checked i-Tunes and it is now #289! Must be the BD present drive. I don’t think the spins are high enough to have it move up that fast all of a sudden.

  2. Oops! That is the Pop number! Forgot to switch from my Pop search to general search!

  3. saga says:

    I figured! Would have been a nice jump though :p

  4. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    I read at Pulse that they are playing a clip of BTIKM and Adam’s interview on AT40, both HAC and CHR this weekend. That sounds like a really good promotional move and one that isn’t “standard”.

  5. saga says:

    I agree fuzzy, nice promo!

  6. I’m looking for the Hot AC leader numbers for KBFF in Portland, OR (i keep an eye on my station as i’m waiting to see whether they will start giving non-overnight spins). I’m assuming some stations just get cut off these embedded charts? Is their a link where I can check them out on mediabase?

  7. saga says:

    Hi Devlin!

    A station can drop out of these chart if they have spun for a while (aka not a starter) but is not yet spinning >7 sping a week (aka not a leader).

    This is what I found on AA


  8. fuzzywuzzy1 says:


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