Daily Numbers 24/01/2012


CKRV-FM Pub 9 Canada-Hot AC Kamloops 19/RCA NL Broadcasting 0 1/24/2012 2:03:00 PM


BTIKM #836


Combined (All formats) AI
ADAM LAMBERT Better Than I Know Myself 0.970 (+0.060) * (3 days update)
*Update from 19/01-1

51 44 ADAM LAMBERT Better Than I Know Myself 134 112 22 1.509
+8 Spins
+3 Bullet
+0.107 AI

96 84 LAMBERT, ADAM Better Than I Know Myself 71 46 25 0.172*
*Update from 17/01-12.

45 41 ADAM LAMBERT Better Than I Know Myself 206 157 49 0.791
+5 Spins
-5 Bullet
+0.068 AI

Distance to competitors

The distances chart reflects the relative movement of BTIKM to selected competitors. These are typically songs that BTIKM is likely to pass when moving up the chart, or songs that are likely to pass BTIKM. Green text indicates that BTIKM gained on the song in question compared to yesterday’s update, while red text indicates that BTIKM lost terrain to the song in question.
The actual daily changes are the +/- numbers in parantheses. Finally, when using the term “ahead of” then BTIKM is higher on the chart than the song in question. Conversely, the term “away from” means that BTIKM is lower on the chart than the relevant song.

61 spins ahead of Guetta (-4)
53 spins ahead of YTG (+6)
44 spins ahead of Nickelback (-2)
17 spins ahead of Kid Rock (+23)
8 spins ahead of Jack’s M (+11)
3 spins away from Outasight (-6)
11 spins away from Bush (+2)
17 spins away from Cook (+10)

Updates in context:






*Starters are stations that have spun the song at least twice in the indicated period. Leaders show the top 20 stations that spin a song 7 times or more in the indicated period.


11 Responses to Daily Numbers 24/01/2012

  1. lob says:

    Just a brief comment on today’s distances. I see people predicting that BTIKM will enter the top40 tomorrow, and it could happen. But only if tomorrow’s update is better than today’s. In either case I think it will end up in the top40 for the week (unless it suddenly starts losing spins), but it may not happen tomorrow since the Outasight song seems to have found new wind and BTIKM is not gaining much right now.

  2. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    Only 1 Top 40 add and that was yesterday. Still, only less than 50% reporting, so I guess that there’s still hope.

    Does anyone here follow this guy Toby Knapp? Any opinions? Apparently, he’s a DJ who has “insider” connections and he recently posted that they are going to have a big push for BTIKM starting tomorrow.

  3. saga says:

    I just find this Toby dude annoying and not sure I trust anything he says.

    • fuzzywuzzy1 says:

      Thanks, saga. 🙂 I really don’t follow him and am only vaguely aware of what he’s said because of what gets posted at MJ’s. Personally, I think that he’s a little looney to engage a rabid fanbase like the Glamberts, but maybe he enjoys the attention (and jerking them around a bit)? lol

      ETA: Thanks, lob. I think that no one really “trusts” this guy, but the Glamberts are so desperate for any shred of information on Adam that they pay a lot of attention to this guy and report everything that he utters.

  4. lob says:

    I don’t trust the Toby guy at all. Doesn’t mean that he can’t be right, but his track record is less than impressive. Guess we’ll know in a couple of days.

  5. lob says:

    “maybe he enjoys the attention (and jerking them around a bit” I think that is exactly what he does.

  6. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    Here’s more trouble. The Glamberts are attacking this PD:

    ShannonSSteele https://twitter.com/#!/ShannonSSteele

    This tweet of her’s regarding BTIKM doesn’t sound good:

    “@runawaysu pretty much everyone I know in programming is disappointed. It won’t go very far up the charts. Unfortunate because I’m a big fan of him as a artist! ”


    Plus this:

    “@SusieFierce hey now, don’t be angry, that tude is uncalled for. And being treated like this will ensure the song doesn’t get played!”

    The Glamberts are SO stupid. Why don’t these idiots ever learn? The PD is actually being pretty nice considering what some have tweeted to her.

  7. saga says:

    Yes I saw that convo. I think everything ended well in the end but as a rule DO NOT ARGUE with dj’s or pd’s. Just walk away.

    • fuzzywuzzy1 says:

      Yes, it’s lucky that the PD seems to be a genuine fan of Adam’s and is understanding about the BSC behavior of some of his fans, but other PDs won’t be nearly as tolerant. I have to believe that some of these fans have emotional/mental issues that make them behave so irrationally, when they should know better.

  8. Hi,

    I have a question about something in this thread http://www.adamofficial.com/us/node/1144877 I was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on?

    Different posters reported that one Canadian Station and three US stations have told them they don’t have the song yet so can’t play it, although in two cases the DJs told the callers that they would play the song? Could this actually be the case? that not all stations have the song yet to play?

    thanks, just curious/confused

    • lob says:

      Nope, it’s just a line DJs/PDs use when they want to get the fans off their backs. It means that they are not going to play this song right now. Maybe they will never play it or maybe they are waiting for the song to hit a certain number on the chart or something else. But they do have access to the song and can play it.

      Regardless, if they say they don’t have it, don’t argue with them. Nothing good ever comes out of arguing with radio stations. Instead say something nice, like you love the song and hope they will play it when they get it.

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