Adds January 16-17 jan 2012


Might autoadd: Sirius and CIOO (as far as I can tell CJFM and KVLY are not auto-adders)*
*A station might autoadd if the total spin is >6.


2 Responses to Adds January 16-17 jan 2012

  1. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    It appears that quite a few HAC stations are playing BTIKM, but only a couple of CHR stations. Does anyone expect a lot of adds this week, or will the major adds come next week on the official add dates? There have been tweets from radio people that seem to indicate that a lot of them like BTIKM, but does that mean more radioplay on HAC first? Speculation anyone?

  2. saga says:

    Recurrent airplay in both formats (wwfm and iihy) before BTIKM was released indicated that Adam is a much stronger artist on HAC than CHR. The early adds from decent markets we’ve seen on HAC is another indicator of this. I think they chose the first single with this in mind, something that would appeal to HAC but could cross-over to CHR (like wwfm).

    As for what to expect… I expect a few HAC adds this week and maybe a few CHR. I don’t expect any of the larger chr stations to add before the add week. I think, hopefully, BTIKM might start charting stronger on chr 1-2 weeks after add date.

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