iTunes around the globe – 090111 ed

Last week we saw the effect of year-end radio countdown shows but this week we are pretty much back to normal with the iTunes rankings. The overall picture of more songs moving down rather than up the charts is what is to be expected for songs from an album on its very last legs. Otherwise, nothing much of note; it is still the usual suspects that are showing up (and Sleepwalker still not in the top300 for Canada).

International iTunes standings pulled at 19.50 GMT Sunday Jan 9

FYE WWFM IIHY Fever Aftermath
Australia 75 111 61
Austria 240
Canada 285 94
Denmark 282 262
Finland 300 98 106
France 43/143
Germany 164 141
Netherlands 154
New Zealand 130 113 67
Norway 164
Sweden 252
Switzerland 66

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