iTunes around the globe – 121210 ed

This week in iTunes land is mainly negative when it comes to the singles chart (although I have not used colour coding this week) – the combination of Christmas and the winding down of FYE is not beneficial to iTunes rankings and I think this is the barest table I have ever posted on this blog.

During the week the acoustic EP has charted in several countries’ iTunes around the world and we can still see the evidence of this on a couple of the singles charts. In the Netherlands, the acoustic WWFM is charting at #78 and in New Zealand acoustic Mad World is placed at #134.

International iTunes standings pulled between 16.55 and 17.30 GMT Sunday Dec 12

FYE WWFM IIHY Fever Aftermath
Australia 46 109 71
Canada 93
France 40
Germany 145
Netherlands 52/78 (live)
New Zealand 143 63
Switzerland 80

2 Responses to iTunes around the globe – 121210 ed

  1. saga says:

    Lob do you check SW in Canada?

    • lob says:

      I do but it hasn’t shown up in the top200 for me yet, and since I am copy/pasting the post from week to week (my current computer does not have any word processing programs) and am not sure how to add an extra column to the table I have decided not to bother with that until SW actually shows up on the chart.

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