Billboard 2010 Year End Charts

Adam on 15 of Billboard’s year-end charts… here’s a list:

#27 Top Artists

#29 Top Billboard 200 (FYE album)

#31 Top Billboard 200 Artists

#7 Top New Artists of 2010

#31 Hot 100 Artists

#45 Hot 100 Songs (WWFM)

#46 Hot Radio Songs (WWFM)

#33 Hot Digital Songs Artists

#55 Hot Digital Songs (WWFM)

#48 Pop Songs (WWFM)

#10 Adult Pop Songs (WWFM)

#14 Adult Contemporary Songs (WWFM)

#9 Canadian Hot 100 Artists

#25 Top Canadian Albums (FYE album)

#11, #34, and #98 Canadian Hot 100 (WWFM, IIHY, FYE respectively)


2 Responses to Billboard 2010 Year End Charts

  1. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    Nice to see Adam rank so highly on some of these charts. I didn’t expect that. Cool!

  2. jchang365 says:

    How is “Artist of the Year” determined since there’s no real “chart” for that. Just overall chart performance? I saw that Kesha got Best New Artist from them too.

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