Daily Numbers 12/08/2010

AL! iTunes

US #7
Canada #10
Australia #27
NZ #4

(add whatever country you want)


Adam Lambert, For Your Entertainment (3,000, -9%, 765,000)


CIBX-FM Pub 0 Canada-Hot AC Fredericton 19/RMG Astral Media 0 12/7/2010 11:44:00 AM
CFHK-FM Pub 0 Canada-Hot AC London 19/RMG Corus Entertainment Inc. 10 12/7/2010 1:40:00


26 26 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 601 654 -53 3.611

Canada HAC
45 40 ADAM LAMBERT Sleepwalker 141 116 25 0.8
+3 spins
-3 bullets
+0.047 AI

Updates in context:








3 Responses to Daily Numbers 12/08/2010

  1. saga says:

    Random stats… From HDD this week, #50 sold 21.7K

    FYE sold 38K in digital sales the first week but then had 2 versions charting on itunes.
    Burlesque sold 32K in digital sales it’s opening week and was top5 on itunes for most of the week and #2-3 over a couple of days.

  2. jtfacts says:

    Did Burlesque come out Black Friday week like FYE? I wonder if iTunes sales are higher that week like brick and mortar stores.

    I think 20k for the acoustic album is unlikely and that’s fine, given that it’s an EP without new songs, has no presence in brick and mortar stores and got no promo. Sounds like it will sell more than whatever Daughtry’s extra was and that’s good enough for me!

  3. saga says:

    Yeah 20K sounds reasonable… it depends on how long AL! can stay in top10 of itunes and if AO ships the physical EP’s this week (at least 7K, maybe more, is in physical EP’s according to RCAEd).

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