Adam Lambert – Acoustic Live

Adam’s acoustic live EP is now available for download everywhere!

So, which songs are you favorites among these new live unplugged versions?

I found myself loving Mad World the most. Then WWFM, Aftermath, Soaked and Music Again (although after a couple of listens it really grew on me)

Selected iTUNES rankings right now (OVERALL)

NZ: #2

FIN: #3

US: #31 #27

CA: #38 #35

AUS: #68

UK: #96


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2 Responses to Adam Lambert – Acoustic Live

  1. jtfacts says:

    From a song perspective, my favorite of the songs on the EP is sped up MW (I always liked it) so I’m not too surprised I like it best. WWFM is probably my second favorite of the songs on the EP and it’s very nice acoustic. I miss the OTT swoopiness of the album piano and strings on Soaked, but vocally Adam keeps all the drama.

    I will never like Aftermath the song, but from a technical standpoint, Adam’s vocal on that is just fantastic. It also works much better acoustic than the album version. MA is probably my least fave, mostly because I just think it works better plugged in.

  2. saga says:

    Yeah I agree with you on MW. It’s fantastic. Love WWFM as well. I added DTRH from VH1 to the CD I burned for my car as track #6 and it works brilliantly. I love when the CD jumps from DTRH to WWFM.

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