iTunes around the globe – 051210 ed

Another week, another trip around the world’s iTunes charts. Not too much has happened since last week, although WWFM looks like it may have peaked in France and Aftermath has finally shown back up on the Finnish charts. In single news/updates we are hearing a rumour that FYE is the new single in Sweden, while Fever is being played on several local and national radio stations in Denmark, thus confirming its single status in my home country.

This week has also been the week that Adam Lambert Acoustic Live has been released internationally, and the EP is showing up on various album charts around the world. However, checking the rankings on this computer is rather annoying, so although I had considered doing so, I will not include them in this post (if anyone should be interested in doing so, feel free to add another column to my table or make a new post).

International iTunes standings pulled between 16.15 and 16.50 GMT Sunday Dec 5

FYE WWFM IIHY Fever Aftermath
Australia 48 70
Austria 146
Canada 77
Denmark 175
Finland 122
France 35
Germany 87
Netherlands 157
New Zealand 35
Norway 107
Switzerland 42

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