Best Male Pop Vocal Performance
Whataya Want From Me
Adam Lambert
Track from: For Your Entertainment

Complete list of nominees in this category:

Best male pop vocal performance

Haven’t Met You Yet, Michael Bublé

This Is It, Michael Jackson

Whataya Want From Me, Adam Lambert

Just The Way You Are, Bruno Mars

Half Of My Heart, John Mayer

Also of interest:

Producer Of The Year, Non-Classical

Rob Cavallo
# Music Again (Adam Lambert) (T)
# Soaked (Adam Lambert) (T)
# Sure Fire Winners (Adam Lambert) (T)
# Time For Miracles (Adam Lambert) (T)

Dr. Luke
# For Your Entertainment (Adam Lambert) (T)


4 Responses to YAY!!!!!!!

  1. lob says:



  2. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    SO COOL! Congratulations, Adam! 🙂

  3. saga says:

    Too bad about BNA but this is fantastic. I still think it’s a long shot that he’ll get to perform or what do you guys think?

    • samantha says:

      I’m thinking that RCA should be working really hard to make it happen. I read on Twitter (not sure of the accuracy and too lazy to check) that RCA only has two of their artists nominated — Adam and KOL. Seems to me that they might be willing to expend some resources in order to have a presence at the Grammys.

      I wouldn’t mind having an Adam/Pink duet — duets were the big thing at last year’s Grammys.

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