iTunes around the globe – 07/11/2010 ed

This week’s trip around the iTunes charts is slightly more uplifting than last week’s – at least the majority of entries are green, although the Aussies seem to have forgotten about Adam since he left their shores. In Sweden, being featured on Idol does not appear to have benefited WWFM and in Denmark IIHY slides off the chart.

Btw, I may very well have made some errors in this week’s chart seeing as I am currently working on an annoying little mini, which does not like my multi-tab working style. But alas, mini is currently my only computer as my main PC decided that I should become very familiar with the beloved Windows BSOD and then wave goodbye to my (of course not backed up) data as my hard drive went on an unannounced trip to the land of eternal RAM (or where ever hard drives go when the die). So I’ll happily take suggestions for good laptop makes as I am looking for a new one.

Anyway, to make a long story less long, here are the iTunes numbers from selected countries pulled at 6-6.30 pm GMT Sunday November 7th:

ETA: If someone can fix the table format I’d be ever so grateful. See, I normally c/p from Excel but mini doesn’t have Excel and apparently just c/p from last week’s post doesn’t work. If not, for each country: first entry (number or dash) corresponds to FYE, second to WWFM, third to IIHY, fourth to Fever and fifth to Aftermath.

FYE WWFM IIHY Fever Aftermath Australia 41 – – Austria – 150 85 – – Canada – – 40 – – Denmark – 97 – – Finland – – 41 – – France – 18/145 – – – Germany – 142 67 – – Greece – – – – – Italy – – – – – Japan – – – – – Netherlands – 48/70 – – – New Zealand 12560 21 – Norway – – 88 – – Sweden – 120 – – – Switzerland – 36 167 – – UK – – – – –

3 Responses to iTunes around the globe – 07/11/2010 ed

  1. saga says:

    I dont really know how to fix the format lob?

  2. jchang365 says:

    Is FYE really out of the top 200 in Australia?

    • lob says:

      It didn’t show up for me, but I could have missed it (although I did double-check because I found it odd). It may be back – I have previously had songs missing one week and well in the top100 the next,and vice versa.

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