Daily Numbers 11/01/2010



#78 iTunes US


IIHY purged

17 16 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 1564 1910 -346 7.703

38 38 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 54 57 -3 0.094

Canada POP
IIHY recurrent

Canada HAC
11 18 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 336 441 -105 1.392

Canada AC
8 16 ADAM LAMBERT Whataya Want From Me 224 258 -34 1.668

Updates in context:








3 Responses to Daily Numbers 11/01/2010

  1. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    WWFM has amazing staying power. From Idol radioplay on IdolChatter:


    1 1 Daughtry, September (9317) (#8 AC, #3 Hot AC, #22 Top 40)

    2 2 Carrie Underwood, Mama’s Song (5259) (#13 Country)

    3 3 Daughtry, Life After You (3242) (#6 AC)

    4 6 Adam Lambert, Whataya Want From Me (3177)

    5 7 Kelly Clarkson, Already Gone (3159)

    6 5 Carrie Underwood, Undo It (3121) (#31 Hot AC)

    7 3 Adam Lambert, If I Had You (3081) (#38 AC, #16 Hot AC)

    8 8 Kris Allen, Live Like We’re Dying (2778)

    9 9 Fantasia, Bittersweet (2489) (#3 Urban AC)

    10 10 Carrie Underwood, Before He Cheats (2269)

  2. saga says:

    Hey fuzzy, you know you can make posts too right? If you want to make a seperate post for Brians numbers, that’s perfectly fine with me. I am holding back a little on what I post since I want you guys to post as well.

    • fuzzywuzzy1 says:

      Thanks, I know that saga, but I thought that this fit with the daily radioplay post. Even if I don’t comment a lot, I read this blog daily, and I’m sorry that I don’t contribute more about the music on Top 40, but I’m not a regular listener and my musical tastes veer more towards HAC/AC (I would post about Josh Groban’s new single from his upcoming CD, but I have a feeling that wouldn’t be too popular 😉 ). It’s interesting and educational for me to read about the music on Top 40, and occasionally, I find an artist who’s music I like (who is also a Top 40 artist, e.g. Florence and the Machine).

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