iTunes around the globe – Halloween edition

Bwahahaha! This week’s trip around the iTunes charts is scary indeed! Very few green numbers and a lot of disappearances from the various charts. Of course, seeing as most of these charts represent very small markets we may see a resurgence next week … or not. With that said; here are the iTunes numbers taken at approximately 12am UK time aka 7pm EST. Happy Halloween!

FYE WWFM IIHY Fever Aftermath
Australia 29 74 27
Austria 131
Canada 51
Denmark 168 82
Finland 153
France 19
Germany 155 68/156
Netherlands 58/181
New Zealand 24
Sweden 103
Switzerland 40

3 Responses to iTunes around the globe – Halloween edition

  1. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    Hey lob- anyway to do this chart and add the peaks to them? Some of the songs ( like WWFM) have been on the charts for a long time.

    • lob says:

      The charts Indy are doing contain official peaks (I don’t think for iTunes though). Since I haven’t been checking iTunes the whole time Adam’s songs have been charting and since I only check once a week, peaks are going to be a little difficult.

  2. brb123 says:

    I wish I knew what’s going on in Germany. The week it jumped to #32 on Itunes, it fell on the radio chart from #53 to #69 and afterwards it started going down on Itunes (it went up on their radio chart last week but #53 is still the peak.) Their charts there are so weird though.. how can a Leona song from her first album suddenly be such a big hit there now and reach their top 10? IDGI..
    It seems to have a similar chart run to Derulo’s Ridin’ Solo for some weird reason btw, except Derulo peaked in #42 on their radio chart before falling to the 60s.

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