iTunes around the globe – 241010 ed

Here are this weeks iTunes rankings from around the world. Owing to RL and IKEA I was not able to pull them at the regular time but rather at 1am UK time aka 8pm EST. As always green means up, red means down and black means unchanged from last week. Of special notes; in NZ Fever is about to break into the top10 of iTunes and I finally managed to catch Aftermath on the chart in Finland. For Canada, Sleepwalker is not surprisingly nowhere to be found.

FYE WWFM IIHY Fever Aftermath
Australia 27 64 23
Austria 173 91
Canada 168 42
Denmark 137 104
Finland 61 26 172
France 25
Germany 135 48
Netherlands 45/187
New Zealand 136 51 27 11
Norway 99
Sweden 131
Switzerland 49

4 Responses to iTunes around the globe – 241010 ed

  1. jchang365 says:

    Nice to see that Fever is almost top 10 in NZ.

    • fuzzywuzzy1 says:

      Yes, it’s doing very well in NZ. SW just debuted in Canada yesterday (the CD version), so it will be interesting to track the sales of this song in the upcoming weeks. I’m hoping that it it does well in Canada, that will help convince RCA to release it in the U.S. Is it possible that they will use the CD version for radioplay and not issue an edited version?

      • jtfacts says:

        Assuming Canadian radio is like U.S. radio when it comes to song length (and that could be wrong), I can’t imagine they’d use the the cd version of SW for radio. It’s too long and you never hear songs on pop/HAC radio with extended guitar breaks like the one in SW. I don’t think cutting the song would cost much so unless RCA really doesn’t care what SW does in Canada, I bet there will be a radio edit.

  2. saga says:

    Yup, yay Fever! And nice to see Aftermath for the first time. Maybe SW will show up soon?

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