Viral Hit Of The Week: Atomic Tom

Have you seen this video of  NYC band named Atomic Tom? They recorded a video on the NY Subway using nothing but Iphone apps- pretty damn cool! 2.5 million hits this week.


5 Responses to Viral Hit Of The Week: Atomic Tom

  1. jtfacts says:

    Clever! I have a feeling I’d think the song was somewhat generic in its “true” form but it’s cute like this.

    • planetangst ( Studio57) says:

      I downloaded it off Itunes. It’s already in the top 200. I have to wait until I hear it in the car to decide for myself whether it’s a keeper, lol.

  2. jtfacts says:

    I just checked out a You Tube of a performance with instruments and it’s not bad. Kinda reminds me of Airborne Toxic Event (minus the vioiinist!). Oh wait, he does a lot of screaming in the second half and it’s not so hot. But when he’s not screaming, I like his voice. I’ve got a weakness for baritones!

  3. jchang365 says:

    I like the song actually. I may check out the original studio version.

  4. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    Just tested it out in the car- me likey! The chorus is hat really makes the song

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