The rumor mill…

An internet radio station that loves Adam and Lady Gaga tweeted about Sleepwalker last night…


Could Adam Lambert’s next release be “Sleepwalker” What do you think. Let us know if you think it should be???@RCAMusic

@mcmonsterradio that his next single in Canada :o)))

@xxAnrichxx word is that it’s going to be released here as well.

@mcmonsterradio yes we wish it was Sleepwalker in the US. Got any inside info?

@Ala4adam yep 🙂

@RCAMusic looks like it’s a good call #Sleepwalker @AdamLambert

@mcmonsterradio don’t mess with my brain.. I can’t handle it if it’s not true 🙂

@baking4fun nothing is official yet, so don’t go frying that precious brain 🙂

@mcmonsterradio OMG Sleepwalker live was INCREDIBLE!! My fave! Would be excellent if it was released as a single here 🙂

@slmcmahon5 we’ll have more info soon

@mcmonsterradio do you have or are going to get a radio mix of Sleepwalker?

@MissTweet25 ahah, if we told you that, we would be letting everyone know 🙂




6 Responses to The rumor mill…

  1. secretchef says:

    Hey, Look at me on there! ^ I really hope the US gets Sleepwalker soon.

  2. saga says:

    I am pretty confident that US will get SW. I mean, why not? Just toss it out there and see what’ll happen. Hopefully something good!

    And welcome chef!

    • angelaforaml says:

      Definitely something good, saga. According to the latest interviews, Adam did not even start working on the next album, IIHY is fading from the radio really fast, they need to have a new single to keep him on the radio. Besides, SW is such a good song, my early favorite, I think it has a good chance on the radio, I guess we will just have to wait and see…

  3. jchang365 says:


    Apparently, they sent an email to a fan a long time ago when IIHY was struggling up the chart that said Z100 would add IIHY at the end of June but KIIS would not add. It seems like they really do know things?


  4. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    Cool! I hope that this rumor turns into a fact.

  5. jchang365 says:

    They tweeted again saying that they may be able to reveal something on 10/27 and that it may have to do with Adam?

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