iTunes around the globe – 161010 edition

This week in iTunes land Adam songs have mostly moved down the chart with a few exceptions. In Austria IIHY makes its debut at #137 and in France WWFM is moving upwards at a healthy pace. Possibly in anticipation for Sunday’s concert the Kiwis have started buying FYE again, which re-enters the chart. All in all, Aotearoa appears to be the most Adam-friendly country this week with four songs showing up in the top200 songs – all of them up from last week. I have still not been able to find Aftermath on the Finnish chart and thus have not included the song in the table (I will if/when it shows up).

So, without further ado, I give you the iTunes positions for all Adam Lambert songs charting in the top200 of the various countries. Positions noted Saturday, 16th October between 5 and 6 pm UK time (12-1 pm EST). Green means up, red means down, grey is no change from last week.

Australia 35 117 34
Austria 137
Canada 143 33
Denmark 152 79
Finland 26
France 22/194
Germany 128 70
Netherlands 16/81/
New Zealand 151 67 41 26
Norway 79
Switzerland 54

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