8 Grammy submissions!

Grammy submission are out and can be found here: http://atrl.net/forums/showthread.php?t=99796

Adam Lambert – Best New Artist
Adam Lambert – Album of the Year – For Your Entertainment
Adam Lambert – Record of the Year – Whataya Want From Me
Adam Lambert – Song of the Year – For Your Entertainment
Adam Lambert – Song of the Year – Time For Miracles
Adam Lambert – Best Short Form Music Video – Whataya Want From Me
Adam Lambert – Best Male Pop Vocal Performance – Whataya Want From Me
Adam Lambert – Best Pop Vocal Album – For Your Entertainment


17 Responses to 8 Grammy submissions!

  1. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    WTF with the FYE and TFM submissions??? I think he has a shot at the male pop vocal categories though. And I will even go out on a limb with BNA. Grammys aren’t a popularity contest like the VMA’s so I think he has a slim chance. Would really, really love to see it and cannot even wrap my head around the beebs being a frontrunner. Or drake for that matter.

    Looked at that list- holy crap even Clay Aiken was submitted, lol. And Kris Allen for Heartless? How can that even be? That song was two years ago. And The Truth and LLWD too. Wow- you can submit just about anything.

  2. saga says:

    I think it’s to Adams advantage that he was mainly nominated for one song. I think severals nominations for severals songs dilutes the votes. Maybe Pink vetoed WWFM to be nominated for SOTY since she submitted Glitter In The Air?

    I am really happy with the submissions and I think they are pushing hard for the best male vocal perfonce category and maybe best pop. BNA is a long shot but maybe,

  3. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    Did you see over on MJ’s just how many of the idols were submitted? It borders on ridonkulous.

  4. saga says:

    Have you seen how many is submitted? Check the original link, lots of artists.

  5. saga says:

    SOTY is for the songwriters and ROTY is for the artists, btw, if anyone wondered.

  6. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    Yeah, it’s ridiculous how many submissions are made, especially from some artists. I think that it’s dumb that FYE and TfM were submitted for nominations, even though I love both songs. Sometimes, I wonder who is in charge of making these submissions? Some RCA intern who doesn’t know very much?

  7. angelaforaml says:

    I really think Adam has a good chance with best male pop vocal for WWFM.

  8. saga says:

    fuzzy I don’t think Adam has any chance in the SOTY category anyway and Pink prob only wanted one song submitted (hence no WWFM). The categories I think RCA are pushing for are Best Male Vocal Performance and Best Male Pop Album and BNA. They didn’t submit Posner for the first 2 of those categories. For BNA we have Kesha, Adam and Posner but Posner has no chance of getting that so for RCA it’s between Kesha and Adam. Kesha is more commercially succesful but she has very low metascores. I think it might be hard to get votes for her.

    I think Adams biggest chance of nomination is in the male pop vocal perf category and maybe male pop album or bna. I think BNA will be a long shot though. Janaelle Monae was not submitted for nomination btw.

  9. saga says:

    Possible BNA candidates;

    Bieber, BOB, SuBo, Taio, DeRulo, Drake, Flo&tM, Kesha, LaRoux, Adam, Mumford, Neon Trees, Posner, Script, Vampire Wknd

    My guess is Drake, Bieber, Florence and Mumford.

    • jtfacts says:

      That’s my guess too (Mumford could kinda, sorta fill the country slot since they have a banjo player).

      I’d have said Monae was a lock for the last spot since the category is looking awfully male-dominated and white, but I guess she’s out. Ke$ha is looking more likely than I originally thought. Or maybe La Roux. I’d be surprised if there was only one chick in the category. Please god–anyone but SuBo!!!!

      And wtf with Vampire Weekend? Did their debut album miss the deadline or something? Last year was their breakout year, not this year.

  10. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    I would think that Adam would have the best chance in the best male vocal category too. I hadn’t thought about Pink having an impact on the nomination of WWFM. I saw Florence and the Machine perform their latest single on “Ellen” last week, and she was just fabulous! I agree that a nomination for BNA is a long shot, but what a compliment it would be for Adam. I know SuBo is popular, but IMO she’s really not much of an artist, so I doubt that she will be nominated. I’ve read that SuBo will be releasing another CD in the new year with originals, so it will be interesting to see how she handles that.

  11. saga says:

    SuBo has metascore issues too. JTF, I think the new rules made it possible for Vampire Weekend, Drake and Janae to submit for BNA. And yes, I also think it’s a problem that the only female is Florence… maybe that will help Kesha a bit, even though she has bad metascores.

  12. jtfacts says:

    Yes, I’m aware of the new Grammy rules and they make sense for a Gaga situation where the person’s name is submitted before they really explode. Vampire Weekend doesn’t fit that for me because they had already exploded (not in a Gaga way, of course, but in an alt band way) by the time of last year’s Grammy deadlines.

    BTW saga, I’m prepared to be generous and let you and ziz buy something other than the Jersey Shore soundtrack if Ke$ha is nominated for BNA. You can buy Treats by Sleigh Bells instead (they need your money more)!

  13. saga says:

    You’re sure of yourself, arent you?

  14. jtfacts says:

    Hey, I said “if” Ke$ha is nominated for BNA, not “when”. I was never super-confident she would get a nomination; just less confident than some others that she *wouldn’t* get a BNA nod. The fact that the category looks likely to be male-dominated makes me think her chances for a nomination have improved. And honestly, I’d prefer Ke$ha to La Roux since she isn’t a one hit wonder in the this country.

    Is it definite that Monae is out? Are there any other possible minority women nominees?

    Half of Sleigh Bells is female, so I suppose they could have an outside shot at a nomination. All the reviews I saw for their album were great.

    • zizou says:

      Yes Monae has not been submitted. With her and Minaj out of the picture IA that the BNA category is male- dominated. I think Florence is a lock and LaRoux are a possibility…other women I can think of are V.V. Brown or Melanie Fiona? I still think that Subo, Ke$ha and Derulo have such bad reviews that could hurt their chances for BNA nominations. From the rhythmic bunch Taio has the best chances IMO and from rap Drake of course (with B.O.B 2nd)…but I don’t know if rap is Grammys favorite type of music…
      Also there are some other strong alt possibilities like The xx whose album is one of the best reviewed of the year or maybe Miike Snow? And yes Sleigh Bells too…oh and I’m so glad that I don’t have to buy the Jersey Shore soundrack if I loose the bet! Phew…

      • jtfacts says:

        I’m a kind and generous person!

        V.V. Brown is a possibility. Grammy voters tend to be stodgy and she’s got a retro vibe they would like. I’m not familiar with Melanie Fiona. I think artists like Derulo, Taio, xx and Miike Snow are unlikely just because that’d be too many boys. Also, I think xx, Miike Snow and Sleigh Bells could be a little too alternative/obscure for the Grammys. Last’t years alt nominees (Ting Tings, MGMT and Silversun Pickups) were getting a good amount of alt radioplay and even some pop airplay in the case of the Ting Tings. I hear Mumford and Sons all the time and occasionally Florence on the radio, but I never hear the xx, Miike Snow or Sleigh Bells.

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