Hit or Miss? Kesha – We R Who We R

(can someone add the poll? my browser is crashing on me)


6 Responses to Hit or Miss? Kesha – We R Who We R

  1. mariettejb says:

    I say hit.

    Kesha sticks to her formula that has worked well for her in the past. She doesn’t stretch herself one bit, which is a bit dissapointing but not unexpected. It’s a catchy, fun song that shouldn’t have any problem doing well, unless Kesha fatigue sets in.

    Overall this is my ranking for Kesha singles:

    1. Tik Tok
    2. Take it off
    3. We R Who We R
    4. Your love is my drug
    698. Blah Blah Blah

  2. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    I don’t get it. everyone at Pulse seems to love it but to me it sounds like every other Kesha song. The backing track seems like it was borrowed from Ushers DJ’s GUFILA and it just irritates the living hell out of me.

  3. saga says:

    Hit. But I hate her rapping/singing. Bleh. I love the chorus. Can she stop rapping? When she writes melodies she is soooo good. Animals have some really good songs, she is like a pop candy princess, she just writes very good melodies. Stop rapping! Autotune is the way to go girl!

  4. saga says:

    Got that glitter on my eyes~~

  5. jtfacts says:

    Most likely hit, but I am so unbelievably bored by her sound. I still like Tik Tok, but I can’t listen to anything else of hers on the radio now, including TIO, which I actually liked back when I listened to the Animal clips to decide if I wanted to buy her album during that 5.99 special (I decided no because everything sounded the same). The only artist I can think of off the top of my head that is as boringly samey samey is KoL. I’m sure the thinking is if it ain’t broke, why fix it, but it will break eventually.

  6. jchang365 says:

    This is my least favorite Kesha single actually. It’s fine, but I liked all her other singles better.

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