Hit or Miss?

Our lovely little Taylors Swift’s new single…



4 Responses to Hit or Miss?

  1. cali50 says:

    Oh, gawd! I’m sure it’s a hit becasue it’s Taylor Swift, but I am really getting tired of her songs. I used to like her and thought her song writing was “cute” because it dealt with what many 15 year olds were going through, but now, it’s getting old. Same old thing.

  2. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    Well, this song sounds like a lot of Taylor’s other songs and a bit more country-ish. It’s catchy and I think that her fans will love it (which means another hit).

  3. jchang365 says:

    I think it’s not yet certain if this is an actual single or just a promo single released for iTunes. I think it’s better than Mine, but La was right when she said that you could sing “Fearless” on top of the chorus.

    That said, I think Taylor needs to grow up a little and write about other things than just boys and fantasy fairytales and marriage.

  4. samantha says:

    It will be a hit.

    Confession: I was in the car all day yesterday, so I obviously heard “Mine” many times. I really like the phrase, “a careless man’s careful daughter” — I think it’s clever and says a lot in a few words.

    And yes, JTF, I’m questioning my intellectual and emotional maturity. LMAO

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