iTunes around the globe

OK, so I thought I’d give this a go. The table below lists current iTunes positions of Adam’s singles in countries around the word. I have chosen to include countries from which we have members as well as countries that the Glamnation Tour will visit over the next couple of months. If you would like countries added let me know in comments (or add them yourself). I only included listings in the top200 songs, although for a country like Japan it would perhaps make more sense to look at the Pop chart due to the low number of Western artists present on the overall chart.

iTunes positions at approximately 5pm UK time (6pm CET, 12pm EST) Saturday, 2 October 2010

Australia 50 75 22
Austria 112
Canada 141 27
Denmark 95/175 61
Finland 9
France 55
Germany 106 100
Netherlands 7/27/106
New Zealand 112 51 30
Norway 55 56
Sweden 89
Switzerland 35

Any comments or suggestions are welcome.


8 Responses to iTunes around the globe

  1. lob says:

    Bolded numbers are for the current single in the relevant country (where I am pretty sure of the current single, that is).

  2. lob says:

    Oh, and as for Finland, I have no idea what happened. I could have sworn that last time I checked both FYE and WWFM were charting (and pretty highly as well) in addition to IIHY. I don’t know if Aftermath was officially confirmed to be the new single in Finland, but it didn’t show up when I checked today. Therefore I didn’t add Aftermath to the table.

  3. saga says:

    Ziz saw aftermath at 198 or something the other day. It has been confirmed as the new single there so maybe you should add it?

  4. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    Thanks so much for this international chart, lob. Nice to see Fever at #30 in NZ.

  5. mariettejb says:

    I was completely clueless about the resurrection of WWFM on Dutch iTunes. Guess that is what happens when you don’t watch TV.

    This is the reason btw:

    It’s apperently the #1 show here right now with more than 2 million viewers each week. She also performed WWFM on a morning show and during a radio interview.

    • angelaforaml says:

      wow, this girl is so good, love it! ty for posting it, mar, I really loved how she changed the song up a little, made it her own. i will be looking for more vids from her, I hope she goes far.

  6. samantha says:

    Thanks for the chart, lob. I haven’t followed along with the international sales, so I’m not sure which are heading up or down — but now it will be fun to watch.

    Mariettejb — How does that show work? Why did the lady judge get so excited? Did the singer pick her for something? And did they mention Adam? I thought I heard the lady judge say something about American Idol.

    • mariettejb says:

      The judges/mentors listen to a performance with their back turned towards the singer. If they press a button they offer the contestant to be their mentor, the contestant is through to the next round and the chair turns around so they can view the remainder of the performance.

      Afterwards the contestant can’t pick among the judges that pressed the button to be their mentor. That’s why the woman was so happy because she gets to mentor her.

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