Daily Numbers 10/2/2010


VH1: IIHY #19 (full video)
AT40 POP: IIHY #17
AT40 HAC: IIHY #24, WWFM #20
Rick Dees (HAC): IIHY #23

1 Fox All Access
1 SNOL (1 last week)
1 OHP (1 last week)


#48 iTunes


PC spins at 1:46 AM and 5:11 AM

16 16 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 4860 4794 66 23.052
-36 Spins
-40 Bullet
+0.087 AI

18 18 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 1780 1635 145 9.437
+28 Spins
+4 Bullet
+0.154 AI

Canada POP
11 16 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 503 589 -86 3.546

Canada HAC
5 6 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 550 598 -48 3.86

Australian Chart
21 32 For Your Entertainment Adam Lambert

Updates in context:



Distances to competitors

110 spins ahead of NT (-85)
158 spins away from Posner (+164)
231 spins away from M5 (+159)
372 spins away from OR (-8)

345 spins ahead of Bruno (-44)
6 spins ahead of Paramore (+94)
309 spins away from Iglesias (-4)
343 spins away from Lady A (+6)
627 spins away from Mayer (+66)

No starters on POP

Starters HAC


8 Responses to Daily Numbers 10/2/2010

  1. indybeck71 says:

    Apparently, one station was removed from the Top 40 panel, which is reflected in all the updates today — which is why so many have a negative. The station: WTWR Toledo (Cumulus).

    I know when they add a station they add all its spins for that week, so when they remove a station do they then remove all the spins for that week? For the prior two weeks, IIHY had received 37-40 spins from WTWR.

  2. saga says:

    Ah, that makes sense indy. Was a bit shocked by the update since kworbs charts showed a decent day yday.

  3. cali50 says:

    Isn’t it weird, though, that AI went up so much?

  4. jchang365 says:

    Do you guys think that he could still get #15 tomorrow? If Cooler Than Me keeps dropping and it just stays above Animal? Ah….so close!

  5. saga says:

    Cali, AI going up is a good thing! I think WIHT had been spinning IIHY more lately and that is a big market.

  6. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    Glad to see the increase in AI despite IIHY seemingly peaking.

  7. tipster350 says:

    Fingers crossed for #15. urrgh I hate waiting to see if OHP and the other syndicated shows will spin it.

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