Daily Numbers 10/1/2010


BB200: 123 FYE (118)
Hot 100: 31 IIHY (30)
Adult Top 40: 18 IIHY (18)
AC: 10 WWFM (10)
Hot 100 Airplay: 34 IIHY (35)
Hot Digital Tracks: 41 IIHY (39)
200: 12 (10)


Seminole Hard Rock Live, Hollywood, FL
5,566 / 5,566 (100%)
$40 – $60


#53 iTunes


PC spins at 1:10 AM and 4:43 AM

16 16 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 4896 4790 106 22.965
+8 Spins
-30 Bullet
+0.141 AI

18 19 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 1752 1611 141 9.283
+18 Spins
-3 Bullet
+0.123 AI

Canada POP
10 16 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 516 602 -86 3.573

Canada HAC
5 6 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 557 600 -43 4.085

Australian Chart
21 32 For Your Entertainment Adam Lambert

Updates in context:



Distances to competitors

195 spins ahead of NT (-69)
322 spins away from Posner (+115)
364 spins away from OR (-29)
390 spins away from M5 (+112)

4 spins away from Taio (-51)
88 spins away from Paramore (+73)
305 spins away from Iglesias (-16)
349 spins away from Lady A (+2)

Starters POP

Starters HAC


6 Responses to Daily Numbers 10/1/2010

  1. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    Just when Posner is getting ready to drop below, Neon Trees is coming up from behind. Poop.

  2. angelaforaml says:

    poop indeed, studio…
    on the other hand, m5 is also dropping fast..
    also, can somebody explain to me wtf is going on on the HAC chart? the updates are good, but it seems like the song got stuck in a big pile of glue and can’t get out..

    • lob says:

      Actually the updates aren’t that good and haven’t been for a while now. The updates are decent and would move him up had he still been in the lower part of the chart. But for some reason HAC is extremely competitive right now and daily updates in the 10-20 range just aren’t enough to make any real difference. Unfortunately Taio stormed past today so even though IIHY will pass Paramore by Sunday, we will still not see that coveted #17.
      Bruno and Bon Jovi are coming up from behind and Bruno is moving fast enough that he could be a threat for next week, Bon Jovi is a little longer out. However, none of the growing songs above IIHY appears to be peaking just yet (maaaaaybe Lady A in a little while) and the dropping songs above could take a couple of weeks to pass.
      So we are just looking at one heck of a long impasse and depending on how the next couple of weeks shape up on POP and whether or not we will get another single, IIHY may peak on HAC before anything happens.

  3. cali50 says:

    Or, in other words, “time for a new single!”

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