New posters/readers?

We have some new readers and hopefully posters so I am just going to sum up how we’ve done it so far. I usually make sure there is a daily numbers thread posted each day. Best way to do that is to copy and old post, to keep a similar format, and just erase the old data and change the date. Apart from that I try and post the daily update, the starters, the PC spins, the US itunes position and the Canadian chart info. If you know some info that should go into this thread and you have editing right, just go ahead and add it.

Lob usually posts distance to competitors in that post whenever she has time. New sales infor, BB positions, concert stats, countdowns and syndicated spins are posted also when they occur.The idea with this thread is mainly to keep all the daily numbers, whatever they are, in one thread. We have links to archives on the side.

Mar usually post an adds thread on mondays that shows possible autoadders and then sum up the adds on tuesday.

If anyone wants to add a new type of thread (and keep it going)… for example a weekly global stats (for example with a snapshot for indys chart) thread or a weekly sales/BB update threads (justgills charts?), please go ahead!

As for the music snacks threads, just knock yourselves out!

ETA: hoppers, I added you as editor.


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