Daily Numbers 9/29/2010


Adam Lambert, For Your Entertainment (3,000, -17%, 735,000) (#123 BB200)


Adam Lambert, If I Had You (34,000, -5%, 482,000 total)
Adam Lambert, Whataya Want From Me (8,000, -17%, 1.54 million)



#55 iTunes


PC spins at 1:41 AM, 3:44 AM and 5:57 AM

16 17 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 4853 4745 108 22.895
-19 Spins
-26 Bullet
-0.240 AI

18 18 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 1722 1566 156 9.087
+11 Spins
-22 Bullet
-0.026 AI

Canada POP
10 15 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 537 601 -64 3.714

Canada HAC
5 6 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 569 610 -41 4.417

Updates in context:



Distances to competitors

31 spins away from Airplanes (+3)
109 spins away from FEM (-220)
318 spins away from OR (-53)
597 spins away from Posner (+75)
656 spins away from M5 (+102)

73 spins ahead of Taio (-22)
264 spins away from Paramore (+69)
271 spins away from Iglesias (-4)
349 spins away from Lady A (-6)

Starters POP

Starters HAC


31 Responses to Daily Numbers 9/29/2010

  1. mariettejb says:

    Now we get a PC increase? This is the first time there have been 2 PC spins in peak hours, isn’t it?

    This negative update was coming for a while. Animal keeps having a strong bullet and while Misery and CTM are dropping fast, it might not be fast enough. So I’m thinking it might not reach a new peak on Sunday.

  2. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    New Music Tuesdays and Glee killed his Itunes position- he would rank somewhere around #34:

    Toxic- Glee #2
    Only Exception- Glee #4
    Gonerhea- Lil Wayne- 7
    Baby One More- Glee #8
    Stronger- Glee- #9
    I’m A Slave- Glee #11
    Me Against The Music- Glee- #12
    What’s Wrong With Them- Lil Wayne-#16
    Nananana- My Chemical Romance-#19
    I am Not A Human- Lil Wayne- #23
    Grenade- Bruno Mars-#25
    Bill Gates- Lil Wayne- #26
    Empire State- Glee- #33
    Telephone- Glee- #34
    Right Thru Me- Nicki Minaj- #35
    Hold Up- Lil Wayne- #40
    That Ain’t Me- lil Wayne- #47
    The Only Exception- Paramore #30 & #50
    We Speak no Americano-Yolanda Be cool- #54

    Three versions of The Only Exception in the top 50! I have to admit, When Lea Michele sang that last night I bawled my eyes out- I can totally see why all three versions charted.

    And of course I contributed to MCR, lol.

    • fuzzywuzzy1 says:

      I’m getting hooked on Glee and thought that last night’s show was really entertaining (only watched a couple of episodes last year). For me, though, the Glee songs make me search out the original songs, rather than buy the Glee versions. It will be interesting to see the sales of the Glee songs and how long they stay on the iTunes chart. Some of the songs from last week are still selling very well. That sucks for iTunes ranking for other songs, but shouldn’t affect sales of IIHY. I’m LOL at the way that the CR song is listed on iTunes as “Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)”! 😀

      • planetangst ( Studio57) says:

        Glee was great last night- I really did enjoy it and I am not even a big Britney fan. Sue Sylvester just cracks me the hell up. And that Britany character too.

        That MCR song is THE funnest song to drive around to. I love when he shouts ” Now shut up and let me see your jazz hands”, lol.

        Funny enough, it also has these lyrics:

        Remember when you were a madman
        Thought you was Batman
        Hit the party with a gas can
        Kiss me you animal

    • jchang365 says:

      Lil Wayne is releasing a song called Gonorrhea? Really? Ew.

  3. saga says:

    Yeah, the PC increase…

  4. lob says:

    If this PC increase isn’t just a random one-night increase, I think it might mean that RCA has decided to give this a final push, which in my mind translates to “no more singles”. I’m not sure I like that.

    • fuzzywuzzy1 says:

      Well, if IIHY is the last single from FYE then I hope that RCA tries to give it a final push. Personally, I would like to see another single released, but I understand if they decide to focus on the next CD.

    • kms15423 says:

      I am torn between wanting this song to continue to do well, but not at the expense of another release (SW).

  5. saga says:

    I am not sure it means that lob… I think ideally they want to keep IIHY alive for a few weeks more because there are so many high profile releases coming in the next 3 weeks. Releasing SW now would not be smart… better to wait till those songs have had their first week/weeks.

  6. jtfacts says:

    Couldn’t the extra PC spin just be a quirk in the rotation, with a spin that would typically fall on a Monday night falling on a Tuesday night? And then tonight there’s only one spin?

    I don’t think there’s going to be another single from FYE, but if there is, waiting til the big releases are out seems dangerous because then the single would be dropping awfully close to the freeze.

  7. saga says:

    jtf, yeah it could be if there were 2 PC spins but not with 3… could still be a one time thing though, we’ll see tomorrow.

  8. saga says:

    Not on the rotation we’ve been on since monday I think. And it is not per day but per 12am-6am that we’re looking. PC is programmed 24/7 I think but most stations that use it do so between midnight and 5am. I have never seen it go from 1 to 3 while being on the same rotation. It fluctuates 1-2 or 2-3 though.

  9. zizou says:

    Lol is it true that Aftermath is the new single in Finland or just an online rumor? If it’s true…well it’s funny. Each country gets it’s qwn single? Who will get Sleepwalker?

  10. saga says:

    I have no idea ziz… I have only seen it announced on twitter but I doubt it would be played on NRJ without being a proper single.

    I still think they should release Fever in Europe rather than SW.

  11. saga says:

    JTF, maybe if they released something by the end of october/beginning of november they would be able to push it a bit before the freeze? WWFM was released by the end of november right? And IIHY took 6-7 weeks to enter top40.

    • lob says:

      I definitely think there is time to get another single out and in a good position before the freeze – if it is released mid-late October (that should push it past the upcoming biggies, right?). RCA would probably have to give it a little more of a push than IIHY had initially (unless radio just finally starts picking it up promptly by themselves) to make sure it is well inside the top40 before the freeze. (Something I think needs to happen if the single isn’t going to be hanging around way too long after Christmas, which could potentially mess up their second album schedule in case that would be right on track come February.)

      I’m thinking that around February they will know if their idea of spring/early summer release is coming to fruition or if the album will be delayed. If delayed, then who cares how long the last single from FYE hangs on into the new year. But if on schedule, then last FYE single should probably peak no later than February, in which case it probably needs to be well-inside the top40 before the freeze hits (assuming of course that last single from FYE is a hit; if it flops it will probably be gone by the time the freeze is over.

      ETA: so I don’t really think RCA has the real option of just throwing out to see if it sticks or to let it grow organically. In order to make sure it won’t mess up their plans for next year, they need to make sure that radio either picks up on it pretty fast or not at all (of course not a choice RCA or anyone would take). Ergo, they have to push from the beginning. And the question now is: will they? After all it will be the fourth (or third, whatever) single from an album that is not selling gangbusters. But then again, we are hearing about a bunch of potential promo opportunities what with the acoustic EP, GN DVD, E! THS, Lopez, jingle balls etc (of these of course only JBs and THS are pretty surely on, the others could still fall apart), which suggest that perhaps it wouldn’t take that much more for RCA/19E to give a new single the necessary push.

      If it was my decision, I would go for it, but the more I think about it the more I also see the reasoning not to go for it, so I really don’t know what to expect. Either way, we should know something in the next few weeks I think.

    • jtfacts says:

      Maybe saga, but I think it could take a hard (aka expensive) push. WWFM had a hard push, lots of tv appearances, basically lead single treatment and it didn’t peak til March/April. There’s less $ to be made on FYE now than there was then, so RCA just might not think a hard push for SW is worth investing in. Also, if there really is a chance of a lead single next spring, SW peaking in March/April might be less than desirable to RCA.

      I will say it seems a little silly for Adam to be doing Jingle Balls in December and have no single to push, but that does happen sometimes (look at Orianthi this spring/summer after her second single flopped, maybe Iyaz too?, Script/Train this winter (looks they might be at Q102’s Jingle Ball)) and the Jingle Balls were likely part of a deal for IIHY.

  12. lob says:

    Hey, would you guys be interested in me setting up an occasional post (I’m thinking weekly or something) with selected international iTunes rankings for Adam songs?

    Just did a quick check of selected countries now and it is pretty fun to see once in a while how the songs are doing overseas (e.g. NZ currently has four Adam songs in the top200 tracks on iTunes, Finland has three in the top100 (no aftermath), in Germany IIHY is #86 while WWFM has dropped to #90 etc, etc).

    I do tend to check once in a while when I’m bored, but if you guys would actually be interested in seeing the movement, I could organise it a little (specified day and time) and make my quick looks around into actual posts (basically like I used to do for PF, but not as extensive as that took up way too much of my time).

    • zizou says:

      Yup I would love it. I check international itunes almost daily (the countries that I know adam has new singles charting) and it is fun to see them climbing…but I really don’t have time right now to post the numbers (work overload) so if you can I would really appreciate it. BTW IIHY is climping on Cerman itunes but slooowly (a couple of days ago it was around 120 but I think only few stations are playing it right now),
      it would be really cool if Adam had 4 (and with the possibility of Aftermath 5) songs charting high on itunes in different countries…even though WWFM is dropping on France but maybe they will push it more/ do promo when he will be there?

    • fuzzywuzzy1 says:

      I would like that, lob. Especially, since Adam is doing well internationally, better than the U.S. in some countries. 🙂

  13. saga says:

    Hmm, can’t you just post it in the daily numbers thread under iTunes? I can add iTunes US to my post? Or should we have a seperate thread? Or just do

    iTunes Denmark IIHY #xx, WWFM #yy

    JTF, maybe SW would chart a bit easier with the scheduled Jingle balls. WWFM didn’t really have that? Also they don’t have to break an AMA stigma this time, like they had to with WWFM. Not sure a SW push would be as expensive as the WWFM push was… They’d just has to make sure they got some big market adders from the start.

  14. jtfacts says:

    If the Jingle Balls were part of a deal for IIHY, then I’m not sure they would do much for SW. Radio stations might demand more payola for SW; I really have no idea how that works.

    I do agree that a SW push is unlikely to be as expensive as the WWFM push, but the return on investment for SW is going to be less than the return on investment for WWFM. FYE has sold close to 750,000 albums now…another single isn’t going to result in the sale of another 750,000 albums, or half that or a third of that for that matter. Or even 10% of that.

    From a fan perspective, I want SW to be a single because I’m a fan and it’s not like I have to invest six figures of my own money. It’s just that if I try to look at this from a business perspective, rather than from a fan perspective, it seems like RCA could have good reasons for not releasing another single from FYE. It’s not like every artist out there gets another single under circumstances similar to Adam’s (i.e. album sales at 3,000 a week and three prior singles ranging from 300,000 or so to 1.5 million in sales, two with pretty hard label pushes and the last single looking like it’s going to sell around 600-700K).

  15. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    I can see that the financial aspects are making the prospect of releasing another single from FYE rather unlikely.

  16. saga says:

    Well… I agree that it is a financial decision. I can understant if they decide to not release another single but it would also make sense to me if they decide to do it. And then I mean, making sense from a financial point of view.

  17. jtfacts says:

    Oh yeah, I agree that releasing another single isn’t nonsensical. It’s not like the album hasn’t sold more than 10,000 copies in 6 months, the last single flopped after a big push, the first single barely went gold after a big push, etc.

    It’s just that when I see OTT rhetoric elsewhere about there being absolutely no question about releasing another single, RCA being the biggest morons evah for not releasing another single, blah, blah, blah I get a little eyerolly.

  18. samantha says:

    That was a low blow. LMAO

    ETA: I always used BAER at PF (Big Ass Eye Roll).

  19. saga says:

    Lol, JTF, I can only discuss after how I reason myself! 😛

    I do see that releasing another single is a big investment… but if for example they are consider releasing a re-packaging of FYE or an acoustic EP it makes sense to market that with a single… also given all the Jingle bookings a single would make sense… Capturing those holiday sales would be another reason.

    I guess timing is important (not too late, not too early), how much do they have to push it, how much to invest in doing a radio edit. I guess they could wait with a music video until (and if) it reaches top40.

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