Daily Numbers 9/28/2010


#39 iTunes


PC spins at 2:44 AM

16 16 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 4872 4738 134 23.135
+19 Spins
-4 Bullet
-0.134 AI

18 18 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 1711 1533 178 9.113
+30 Spins
+5 Bullet
+0.237 AI

Canada POP
10 14 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 562 590 -28 3.844

Canada HAC
5 6 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 576 612 -36 4.501

Updates in context:



Distances to competitors

111 spins ahead of FEM (-187)
34 spins away from Airplanes (+81)
265 spins away from OR (-12)
672 spins away from Posner (+96)
758 spins away from M5 (+193)

95 spins ahead of Taio (-13)
267 spins away from Iglesias (+3)
333 spins away from Paramore (+111)
343 spins away from Lady A (+14)

Starters POP

Starters HAC


11 Responses to Daily Numbers 9/28/2010

  1. saga says:

    Hmm, I think IIHY will peak this weak… lowered PC rotation again it seems?

    • mariettejb says:

      I agree, the AI updates are rarely positive anymore.

      For PC it might be missing one of the smaller spins, but I do remember that last week it didn’t have that spin on a few days.

      I hope it can keep its bullet until Sunday. Misery is dropping pretty fast. If that one can be passed it will be #15 on Sunday. The week after that I’m pretty sure it will have lost its bullet.

  2. saga says:

    We had 2 spins last week but one of them was after 5 am… We might see a negative update tomorrow… too bad, I was hoping the PC rotation would stay the same for 1-2 more weeks.

  3. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    Eh. It’s had a good run. I hope Adam is enjoying his vacation, but I also hope he is in talks with RCA about another song.Plenty of people have been tweeting RCA to release either Sleepwalker or Fever, so they know the fans feel it should happen.

  4. lob says:

    I checked the fast droppers in HAC to see if there is anything that could pull IIHY up by default (I’m getting tired of this non-moving situation).
    Paramore, of course, should be passed this week, although you never know what happens, but Taio is still a real threat (how weird that sounds). Furthermore, Bruno and Bon Jovi are moving up fast and could be threats in the next couple of weeks.

    Of the dropping songs, Mockingbird is close to falling out of the top10, but as far as I can tell it is only on week 22 or 23 and therefore will not go recurrent for a while yet. Same is the case for John Mayer’s Half of my heart, which is one week older than Mockingbird as far as I can tell. And California Gurls is a about a month younger than HOMH.

    So, basically, there will be no easy recurrents to help move IIHY up the chart in the coming weeks.

  5. saga says:

    Dynamite is getting spun by much fewer stations than IIHY but on a VERY high rotation. Same with Enrique… I think Dynamites bullet is big bc it entered AT40 last week but I might be wrong about that. I still think there is a limit to how high these songs can go on HAC. I more think Bruno is a threat. He got lots of HAC adds, his song fits the format.

    • lob says:

      I agree that Dynamite cannot keep going if more stations aren’t going to pick it up. However, it has been getting closer to IIHY every day for more than a week now (I only have the stats for the past nine days wherein we have lost an average of 20 spins a day). So, it is not just AT40. I hope it stalls and I hope I like it stalls and drops as well – for both of them preferably before IIHY.
      I also agree that in the long run Bruno is the bigger threat – I think he is going to blow past, especially if he is just now getting a lot of adds.

      Anyway, I hope we can stay ahead of Taio for the week so we can finally get that #17, which is the gold standard for a hit.

  6. mariettejb says:

    I’m suprised Paramore is dropping this fast. It seems a song that fits the format very well. Posner had a +400 bullet on HAC a few weeks ago and is now already negative.

    Kris left the top 40 of HAC btw.

    Like saga says, IIHY has the advantage of being spun by a lot of HAC stations for the kind of genre the song fits in. Unlike Taio, I guess he is only able to be played by the pop leaning HAC stations. He is gaining fast now, but unless he gets more adds, he will hit a brink wall sooner or later. I think this is were having been #2 on HAC helps Adam.

    Bruno might be a threat soon, but Bon Jovi got a lot of adds a few weeks ago and the increases could slow down once those stations have it in a high rotation.

  7. saga says:

    Taio is really close… you’re right lob. I hope he slows down before he passes IIHY. He is definetely having good updates, I just don’t see where he is getting them from? I mean his rotations are highest in #10-20? Did he get a lot of adds this week?

  8. saga says:

    Checked Taio’s adds on HAC and his Starters… a lot of manual adds.

  9. samantha says:

    Just looking at the Top 40 Adds board. Man, IIHY is ancient compared to almost every other song — definitely the oldest that I saw.

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