Bruno Mars – Grenade

Bruno released this new song on iTunes today. I think it’s really, really good, and I haven’t been able to stop playing it.

There’s speculation that this is his next single. I hope so! What do you guys think?

ETA:  I did more reading, and apparently, Bruno has said that this is his “personal favorite” and that he hopes that it’s a single. It’s also #1 on the track list, so the chances are good for it being single #2.


20 Responses to Bruno Mars – Grenade

  1. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    You know I love me some Bruno Mars, but I am not feeling this one. The title is kind of unfortunate too seeing that it is one of the more popular catchphrases from Jersey Shore ( Grenade is an ugly girl).

    I love love love Liquor Store Blues though. He tweeted that one out last week so I think he just wants peeps to hear new stuff. I saw that Other Side, Count On Me, and Talking To The Moon are going to be on this album too.

    • jchang365 says:

      Ah well, it’s clear that “grenade” is not being used in that context. I’m with Saga on this one. I’d prefer Grenade over Liquor Store Blues. It seems like a better pop fit. LSB is okay, but coming off of Bruno’s cocaine arrest, the “Get messed up today” lyric hits a little too close to the truth, lol.

  2. saga says:

    Really like Grenade and I hope for his sakes it’s the 2nd single. Liqour Store Blues is reggea… don’t know if that is a good choice right now… Maybe as 3rd single?

  3. zizou says:

    I’m with jchang and saga on this. Really, really liked Grenade the moment I heard it. I think it’s a hit ready to happen.

  4. samantha says:

    I think this will be a hit. I hear a lot of Motown in this — especially toward the end.

  5. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    I just can’t wait for the rest of the album to come out. I pretty much love anything he sings, I just like LSB better. I don’t think this will do as well as JTWYA though, but I don’t think that matters at this point, he is well on his way to being a big force in pop.

  6. saga says:

    Samantha I said the same thing when I heard Grenade the first time (live performance). He is smart going pop/reggae/old shool.

  7. mariettejb says:

    I like Bruno’s solo songs better than the features he did. I have an irrational hatred for Billionaire, mostly because of the lyrics that annoy me. Nothing on You was a bit too whiny for me.

    This is probably my favourite yet. I like the tone of his voice. He doesnt have a big voice, with a big range, but what he does with it sounds good. It’s a bit retro sounding. Would fit nice with Fuck You on the radio.

  8. lob says:

    Not in love with it, but it definitely has potential to grow on me. I think his voice is dangerously close to crossing over to whiny on this song – and I hate whiny. But the melody is nice.

  9. saga says:

    Bruno seems to like to sing really high, push his voice a bit, which can make him sound whiny I think.I guess teenage girls are gonna die for him, since he is sooooo cute. At least he doesn’t sound constipated.

  10. zizou says:

    I get what you’re saying about his voice, In some some songs I like him better than others…for example his part on Billionaire. But in general I found his tone very “radio friendly” if you get what I mean. He has a lot of potential. I’m not liking everything he sings but I also think that he is doing the right move with his sound that will help him separate himself from all the other “rhythmic” guys.

    ETA. and yes I know it’s a sacrilege but sth in his voice reminds me of MJ…especially in this song.

    • lob says:

      Yep, I really liked his voice and tone on Billionaire.

      I guess I can kinda see what you mean by the MJ comparison, but I think MJ had some other quality to his voice that made it more appealing to me at least.

      Regardless, I think he is going to have a very good era (at least singles wise, time will tell if the album will do well or be more of a Derulo/Taio type seller).

  11. jtfacts says:

    It’ll be interesting to see if Bruno’s album does better than Cruz and Derulo. If I wasn’t following pop music closely at the moment, I’m afraid all three would be pretty interchangeable to me (my fave would still be Cruz by far as I actually like all of his singles to date). My impressions would be something like British dude, Cokehead and Imogen Heap Guy. Not exactly the type of impression that leads to album buying.

    Perhaps Bruno has enough success under his belt to do more of a Drake thing. I’m pretty biased against him, so I could be totally underestimating his popularity with the album-buying public. It’s not like I got the SuBo appeal either.

    And cute? Really? I think he’s kinda funny-looking myself. Not that anyone looks their best in a mug shot and that’s what I’m visualizing right now. Of course, I think the Bieb’s hair is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen so what do I know?

    • planetangst ( Studio57) says:

      He looks better with his hat on- dude has a large noggin. Not David Cook large 🙂

      I don’t get the Cruz and DeRulo comparison though. I don’t think he sounds anything like them and Jay Sean, Iyez, and Sean Kingston. I would compare him more to Posner, but with a MUCH better voice.

      And he writes his own songs which also sets him apart from the others.

  12. samantha says:

    Take another look, JTF. He’s cute. Oh — but not as cute as that little drummer boy. Awwwwww

  13. jchang365 says:

    I agree that Bruno is pushing the limits of his range a lot. I feel like he wouldn’t be able to sing this high in ten years. I can already detect a little grit in his voice that hasn’t been there previously.

    And err, yes, I do think Bruno is super cute. LOL. He’s on the short side, but I think that adds to his cuteness. He’s going for the sensitive guy thing singing lyrics that would make a girl melt if his voice didn’t melt her already. “He likes you just the way you are! Don’t you know that he would catch a grenade for you??” Yeah.

  14. samantha says:

    I like when I hear the grit in his voice — those are my favorite parts. Of course, you might mean grit in a different way than I do. Maybe “growl” is a better term for what I like. I can hear it better in the live versions — only hear it toward the end on the vid you posted.

  15. jtfacts says:

    Sorry guys–lookswise he reminds me of J Lo’s husband and I think that dude is kinda unattractively funny looking.

  16. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    #25 on Itunes 🙂

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