Premature Grammys Speculation

I don’t know why exactly I’m making this post..probably because I’m bored or because I (obviously) love the awards shows and speculation. In a few days (September 30th)ends the eligibility period for the Grammys, so in a month from now the submissions will probably leak. Last year the deadline was earlier so the leaks came earlier too.

 I did some digging today and I found some interesting (I think) info.

Last year both Archie and Cook were submitted in the BNA category. This category was crowded but mostly with alt or not so commercial acts which might explain the noms last year (Gaga wasn’t eligible).

Cook’s rest of submissions were in the Rock categories (like Daughtry) and only with LO and CBTM and not Permanent (even in the  BMRVP).

K.Clarkson was submitted in the ROTY, SOTY and BFPVP only with Already Gone and not with MLWSWY which was IMO her biggest hit from the All I Ever Wanted era.

Daughtry was submitted with Life After You and not with No Surprise, his lead and best-selling single from his sophomore album. LAY wasn’t even properly released as a single if I remember correct during that time.

Anyway, I’m just posting this info/thoughts cause I found some of them a bit weird. I really hope RCA pushes Adam but I don’t want to have my hopes up. And I do think that his best chances are in the BMPVP field but who knows…

BNA: Best New Artist

SOTY: Song Of The Year

ROTY: Record Of The Year

BMPVP/BFPVP: Best Male/Female Pop Vocal Performance


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6 Responses to Premature Grammys Speculation

  1. mariettejb says:

    Bad Romance for song of the year!

    A few weeks ago I thought that Fuck You could be a contender but that seemed to have lost some steam.

    I hope Love The Way You Lie can score some too and snubs for the Kat Perry songs please.

  2. saga says:

    I think WWFM should be the song Adam is nominated for…. or do you think they’ll go for IIHY?

  3. samantha says:

    Wasn’t it last year that the Grammy nominating committee got a lot of criticism for including so many commercially non-viable artists (and songs)? I think I read that there would be more emphasis this year on artists who have achieved success in terms of sales.

  4. zizou says:

    They can submit both IIHY and WWFM but for BMPVP yeah WWFM is by far the better choice (this category is dominated by Mayer and Bubble both of whom I think will definitely be noms this year too).
    I don’t know if IIHY could be submitted in the Dance Recording category…

    And yeah Bad Romance for both ROTY and SOTY! And I think Love The Way You Lie is a lock in the r/b collab category and both ROTY/SOTY.
    Sometimes a lot depends on which genre your label decides to submit you…like Riri for example..will she be on Pop or r/b?

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