Daily Numbers 9/23/2010


147 Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta
Memorial Auditorium; Raleigh, N.C.
Aug. 28, 2010
$92,538; 2,328 of 2,328 (Sold-Out); $39.75

158 Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta
Roanoke Performing Arts Theatre; Roanoke, Va.
Aug. 26, 2010
$75,366; 1,896 of 1,896 (Sold-Out); $39.75

Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta
Warner Theatre, Erie, PA; Magic City Productions
August 10, 2010
$81,724; 2,239 of 2,239 (Sold-Out); $37.50 – $0


#45 iTunes


PC spins at 12:48 AM and 4:42 AM

17 16 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 4750 4643 107 23.570
+6 Spins
-37 Bullet
+0.069 AI

20 18 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 1590 1364 226 8.266
+24 Spins
-31 Bullet
+0.055 AI

Canada POP
11 10 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 608 546 62 3.989

Canada HAC
5 5 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 609 627 -18 4.663

Updates in context:



Distances to competitors

278 spins ahead of Rihanna (-198)
212 spins away from OR (-7)
278 spins away from Magic (+128)
440 spins away from Airplanes (+91)
1299 spins away from Posner (+134)

195 spins ahead of Taio (-23)
270 spins away from Iglesias (+6)
374 spins away from Lady A (+17)
620 spins away from Lifehouse (-11)
797 spins away from GGD (+6)

Starters POP

Starters HAC


18 Responses to Daily Numbers 9/23/2010

  1. saga says:

    Sure seems like it is peaking…

    • mariettejb says:

      Yeah, I hope it can still reach a new peak on Sunday. Those two BOB songs will determine where IIHY ends up.

      Magic was -123, Airplanes -85. On Sunday IIHY can be #15, #16 or #17.

      HAC is still going well. 🙂

  2. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    Yeah- I think there is no doubt about it. Gotta wonder if they are really gonna let him go overseas with no other single to carry him around.

    Didn’t know if you guys have seen this spreadsheet lately- eywflyer did one for all the glamnation shows and will continue throughout the international dates:


    • justgill says:

      Just a note to tell you that I’ve put all the google charts I did into a web-page. Do have a look at my first attempt.
      They still at the moment have the same permissions as before so you can still change them as you’ve been doing. It’s so effing simple you would’t believe!
      You can tell I have no life, but I had fun working out how to do this. Potentially, any historic or updatable stuff can be put into google and then linked to the one page.
      Strange things excite me 😀 but there you go. If no-one thinks it would be useful for anything, I’m still enjoying expanding my new skills 😆

      • planetangst ( Studio57) says:

        Beautiful justgill! So much more compact and easy to read! Should I replace the three we have on the side with just this one?

      • justgill says:

        Great, glad you like it. Did you try changing anything yet?
        You can do them all whenever you like, the save back is auto and you see it when you refresh the web-page.
        The links you have will still take you to them of course, this is just a one only link.
        If you have anything else that you update (or would like to) on a regular basis, if they’re done in Google charts they can just be added here.

      • fuzzywuzzy1 says:

        Those charts look just great! Thank you so much for all of your time and effort in putting those together, justgill! 🙂

  3. jtfacts says:

    Yup, a lot of us figured this would peak before October. Good run for a song that I thought was in bad shape back in May!

  4. lm2718 says:

    Any chance of reaching #15?

  5. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    I think that IIHY has done pretty well considering it’s slow start. Maybe, they will release SW, but without a big promotional push (since Adam will be overseas) and hope that it maintains Adam’s profile on U.S. radio while he’s away?

  6. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    YAY! My two favorite singers, tweeting each other!

    @BrunoMars amaaaaaaazing!! Just listened four times on repeat. 1 day ago
    Bruno Mars’ Liquor Store Blues is on point. (w Damian marley) siiick 1 day a

    brunomars: @adamlambert PRECIATE U PIIIIIMP!
    about 10 hours ago via web · Reply · View Tweet · Show ConversationHide Conversation
    20+ recent retweets

  7. zizou says:

    It really looks like IIHY might be peaking on Pop. Booo! I want #15 *greedy.

    No, IIHY had a good run on the charts and certainly did a fine job by keeping Adam visible.
    Anyway I think I will be more upset if no other single is released cause I won’t have daily updates to follow…WTF, what will I do without my numbers fix?? (and please don’t tell me to follow the AC charts…)

    If (and that’s a big IF since I honestly don’t believe it…) Sleepwalker is released in the US I don’t think Adam’s absence during October/November will be a big problem…I mean tv appearances don’t do much when a song starts to climb the radio charts (unless they’re huge…like awards shows) and if radio promo is needed, well Adam can always do phone calls. But , as I said, a SW release will be a big (and great) surprise for me.
    ….and YAYAYAYA Y for the start of the international tour. FINALLY, after all this time I will be able to see him….

  8. samantha says:

    Is it true that AI is no longer affiliated with Sony/RCA? If so, what (if any) is the impact on Adam? How did I miss this?

    • cali50 says:

      Starting with this season, Universal Music Group will be the label that picks up the Idols. Since Adam is with 19, I don’t think it will affect him in any way or other 19 artists at all. It might (I am guessing) have the non 19 artists booked on the results shows less, though.

    • fuzzywuzzy1 says:

      Yes, that’s true, Samantha. From now on, Universal Music group will have first dibbs on signing anyone from Idol. Here’s the press release:


    • lob says:

      I believe so. I think they changed to Universal. In theory it should have no impact on Adam as he is already signed. However, people have been speculating that Sony might endeavor to get rid of some of their idol signees now that they no longer have to play nice with AI/FOX. I doubt Adam is in danger though and I don’t really see any logical consequences he could face from it (maybe fewer appearances on AI although that should be management controlled and AI is still 19 AFAIK as is Adam).

    • mariettejb says:

      I’m curious about what the effect will be.

      On the one hand RCA has no stake in promoting the Idol brand anymore, on the other hand they are not forced to sign guy’s like Lee anymore taking away recources from the other artists signed to them.

      19 is still involved with Idol, so they would want to promote Adam on their show.

      Also Idol still wants to make people believe that the people on the show can be relevant after the show is over. Adam is one of the most mentioned examples of being succesful after Idol (with Kelly, Carrie and Daughtry). They would still want to promote the people they helped launch.

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