Adam’s Tweet

When I read Adam’s tweet at the bottom of the page, it reminded me of a captioned picture that I’ve always liked.   I’m not sure who created it — I brought it over from TALC (August 24, 2009).

On Tuesday 21st September 2010, @adamlambert said:

Question: Is visibility a form of advocacy? Is being un apologetic enough of a statement on it’s own or does one have to wave a banner or stand on a soapbox to make a difference? Isn’t being proud of who and what you are leading by example? 🙂 just wondering…

5 Responses to Adam’s Tweet

  1. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    You gotta wonder if people are razzing him again for not speaking up about the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell ruling like Lady Gaga is. She seems like an attention whore to me now. ” Oh, look at me and all I do for my gays”. Adam does 100 times more for being who he is in front of the world.

    Or maybe I am just talking out of my ass, lol. Gotta wonder why he tweeted that all of a sudden though.

  2. saga says:

    You think it is about DADT? Could be… I think he should do things just as he has so far, just continue to do his thing.

    Love the image Samantha.

  3. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    IDK. That tweet just came around the same time that people were all talking about GAGA vs. McCain, so I am just assuming.

  4. jtfacts says:

    I wish people could respect all forms of activism, without attacking someone like Adam for not being active enough or someone like Gaga for being too active or active for the wrong reasons (and Studio this isn’t directed at you, it’s somewhere else where I see lots of venom directed at her for her activism in gay rights).

    If people agree that gay rights are important then why tear down people for standing up for those rights in their own way?

  5. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    Since Adam believes in the celebration of and respect for the diversity in the GLBT community, I think that continuing to be himself and an individual is the best way for him to do his part in social activism and progress towards equality.

    If people agree that gay rights are important then why tear down people for standing up for those rights in their own way?

    I agree. I think that sometimes, however, there are people who will try to use a cause for their own self-aggrandisement or promotion. I don’t think that Gaga is one of these people, but I can understand if some people have suspicious about the sincerity of support from celebs.

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