Robyn appreciation post!

I just noticed Bodytalk pt 2 is out on itunes so I am making a  Robyn appreciation post!!! Most Adam stans know Robyn from this song called Eclipse that Adam has mentioned many times (the Brad break-up song).

Robyn/Interscope has sent “Dancing On My Own” as a single to US top40 (from Bodytalk pt 1)

but the best song on Bodypart pt 1 is of course Dancinghall Queen (Adam thinks so too).

Soooooo… bodyparts pt 2??? What’s good? Me likey these 2 songs so far

Hang With Me

Love Kills

And just for fun, some weird song with Snoop


7 Responses to Robyn appreciation post!

  1. zizou says:

    Oh I really like Love Kills. I think overall I prefer Body Talk Pt2 than Pt1 (ecxept of Dancing On My Own which is THE SHIT IMO, pure pop perfection..)
    So bummed that she didn’t sing more in the Vmas. And I would love for the US radio to give her some love….

    BTW. I love this remix of Dancing On My Own

  2. saga says:

    I have now had Love Kills on repeat for an hour… and that’s a sick remix ziz. Yeah!

  3. samantha says:

    Saga — I read a lot of comments on the YouTube videos that were complaining that Robyn’s older music (when she was working with Max Martin) was better.

    I looked up some of the old stuff — not bad, but I prefer the newer.

    You were probably too young to be a fan of the “old” Robyn, but what’s your opinion?

  4. saga says:

    Oh I remember all her music. She had her break through in Sweden with a really childish song (that I hated at the time) called “Do you really want me” when she was just 15ish. It’s like a nursery rhime. Show Me Love was another hit from that album. Her 2nd album had some hits I liked, especially a song called Electric.

    After that I think they tried to market her like Britney in the US but it didn’t work. I don’t think Robyn liked it much either. She later formed her own record label and released a self titled album (the one with Eclipse on it). Uhh, not really sure here but I think that’s the album that got semi big in the US, but almost 2-3 years after it was released in Sweden.

    I like Electric and her new stuff best. She is really good at electro pop with a slight edge.

    Robyn was basically a child star in Sweden and then faded for several years. The album she made (don’t stop the music) for the US public never worked and she made her comeback with the self titled album.

  5. jtfacts says:

    I like the remix, because it gives the song a harder, more pronounced beat. The lack of a hard beat/more bass is why I don’t really care for the other songs. That kind of dance music is just too “light” for me.

  6. saga says:

    Did you listen to Love Kills JTF? I like that beat… but I guess there is other things except beat that I listen to in her songs. Interesting melody and interesting instrumentation maybe?

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