Music for your Wendesday Evening

Following  jchang’s example I wanna introduce you to one of my new favorite pop girls.

Marina and the Diamonds is the stage  name of the  half  Welsh, half Greek (duh) indie pop singer Marina Diamandis. In 2010 she released her first extended LP ” The Family Jewels”. Her music is pop but with several influences and she has a rather unique voice and a vocal delivery  that resembles (at least IMO) Kate Bush’s style. I love her quirky style, the tone of her voice and her borderline kitsch music videos.

Marina has started to become pretty known in UK, Germany and other European countries. Her most popular single that reached #12 in the UK charts is Hollywood :

Another favorite of mine is Oh No:

And a couple of acoustic stuff:

So what do you guys think. Does she have a chance in the US radio (or am I completely biased)?

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3 Responses to Music for your Wendesday Evening

  1. jtfacts says:

    She has an interesting voice and I enjoyed the flashback to the 80s hairstyles of my childhood! Shampain seemed quite Abba-esque to me so I’d be rather surprised if CHR embraced that sound.

  2. jchang365 says:

    I liked “Oh No” the best. It had a good video too. If she’s going to release something to pop radio here, I vote that one. Maybe she can establish a nice US fanbase a la Mika, but I don’t think US radio would play her.

  3. saga says:

    She is interesting and colorful! Don’t like “thick” voices like this though (don’t like Gagas either) so it is a pass for me.

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