Hit Or Miss?

Okay- you knew it was coming. And BTW- Jive is calling this his FIRST single:


8 Responses to Hit Or Miss?

  1. saga says:


  2. cali50 says:

    I think it’s awful, but it reminds me of LLWD so I guess it will catch on. I heard he wrote it.

  3. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    You know Cali- I hear that in the song too! I heard he co wrote it or something. The first part where he sings- Elevator goes up, elevator comes down reminds me of something that should be on a Barney song.

    Yesterday someone on another site said it gave them a DAVIDGASM.
    That is soooooo wrong on so many levels……..

  4. jtfacts says:

    This is like a KidzBop version of a bad Jason Mraz song.

    • planetangst ( Studio57) says:

      EXACTLY JTF! And that nasally quality he has to his voice really comes off in this song- it sounds like he needs to badly blow his nose.

  5. mariettejb says:

    He really shouldn’t sing falsetto, either live or in the studio.

    MISS! Will be lucky to do better than any of Allison’s singles.

  6. hoppersskippersminers says:

    Gah. Bland with a side of meh.

    Good call on the Jason Mraz similarities tho’!

  7. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    Not a fan of this song, but then again, I’m way outside of the Top 40 target audience. 🙂 Still, I liked “Crush” as lot more. How can Jive call this Archie’s first single, when Somethin’ Bout Love has a video and wasn’t it officially released to radio stations?

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