MTV Video Awards

Well, that had to be the most boring VMA’s ever. No drama, Chelsea Handler’s jokes didn’t come off too well, Bieber and Usher didn’t even bother to try to lipsynch to their backing tracks and Taylor Swift SHOULD have lipsynched to her new ode to Kanye. Admittedly, I turned it off after Drake performed Fancy w/ Mary J Blige.

Oh, and Nicki Minaj has the biggest ass I have ever seen 🙂

Did anyone else watch?

ETA: Taylor Swift “Innocent”

Justin Bieber “Baby”


Florence+ The Machine Dog Days Are Over:


14 Responses to MTV Video Awards

  1. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    I watched some of it, out of curiosity, mostly and to see some of the performers that are popular on Top 40 these days (not a listener). I notice that Gaga’s outfit made of raw meat (and her many awards) and Taylor’s “ode” to Kanye were the bits that made CNN as highlights. 😀 Gaga’s outfits were amusing and outrageous. LOL! I thought that Usher’s performance was entertaining, even if he didn’t sing live, but you could tell that it was hard work for him. Bieber was about what I expected. I wasn’t really impressed with his dancing and thought that it was just average, at best. Taylor Swift may be a talented songwriter and super nice person, but it was really hard to listen to her sing live. I thought that she sang extremely poorly, so pitchy and it was so bad that it distracted me from the lyrics of her song, which apparently expressed her forgiveness of Kanye. All in all, the parts that I watched were pretty funny and entertaining, though. 🙂

  2. jtfacts says:

    I happened to see one performance and annoyingly it was Taylor Swift! The stage looked cool, but Taylor is a mediocre singer at best and the song was really boring. I didn’t know the song had anything to do with Kanye til I read about it in the morning paper (the focus of the story was the number of awards won by Gaga, her crazy outfits and Taylor’s Kanye song).

  3. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    I agree about Taylor- it’s like watching an American Idol singer who keeps going off key. You spend half the time just waiting for it, and it does detract I agree, fuzzy. I didn’t know about this song beforehand but after the video montage on the vintage TV in her performance figured it would be about Kanye so I really listened to the words. The lyrics, i gotta say, were outstanding. She really is a gifted songwriter.

    So so disappointed at how much lipsynching went on, but the stage productions were pretty good. I actually though Florence+The Machine was head and shoulders vocally above everyone. She reminds me of a modern day Annie Lennox. That was my first exposure to her stuff.

    Drake and Mary J bored me to death. Was Kanye the only performance after that? I heard Kesha was supposed to sing – what happened with that?

    • jtfacts says:

      I love Florence + The Machine! She has an amazing voice and the album is great. She was the one person I was interested in seeing live and then all I saw was stupid Taylor Swift. Blergh!

      Based on the EW report I saw, Kanye was the last to perform. I didn’t see anything about Ke$ha performing. Did Derulo perform?

      • planetangst ( Studio57) says:

        I am going to have to check out F+TM- I was kind of impressed even though that usually isn’t my cuppa

        DeRulo didn’t perform. The one funny bit Chelsea Handler did was running into DeRulo in the Green Room and she kept saying “Jason DeRulo” in autotune like it does in the beginning of In My Head.

        I have been watching Jumpstart on VH1 this morning and Bruno Mars came on right after IIHY. I really really wish that Adam and Bruno would be the big stars next year. I am not always about “the Voice” but pop music is sorely lacking in that area. Bruno of course is not as strong of a singer, but his voice is like buttah to me. They interview him briefly before they show his video and when he speaks his voice almost has an MJ quality to it.

  4. saga says:

    Can you guys post videos of the performances if they show up on utube or somewhere else… I thought Bruno was performing?

  5. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    Jesus they are deleting them as fast as you can find them- watch them ASAP because they will probably be pulled.

  6. zizou says:

    I watched Florence this morning but I can’t find a youtube now grrrr…..She is amazing and yes the album is great….she is a very good live performer too, her shows are really entertaining. I hope if a British act is nominated for BNA in the Grammies this year, it wll be her (and I think she is georgeous too in a unique way…)

    I actually liked Gaga’s outfits (she looked better than usual or is it my imagination?) and I think she deserved the awards she took.

    Bieber…no comment. And Swift is her usual snoozefest (nice settings tho). At least Baby is catchy….I want more videos!!!

  7. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    I’ve been trying to find other videos (like Florence+The Machine) to post, but it seems like they are being deleted very quickly.

  8. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    MTV has them all up on their site but I can’t embed for some reason Here’s F+TM: The rest you can click on and see, but can saga and our other international posters access it?

  9. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    You’re welcome JTF- I think that Travis Wall from SYTYCD choreographed the show. That is one area that really shined last night, for TV anyway- the floor choreography that was being shot verhead could not have been great to see live.

    I think he had a little Adam crush at one time IIRC.

  10. saga says:

    Just checked some video clips. I think Bruno is really good but Hailey looked soooo akward! I agree with you all that Florence kicked ass! I still haven’t seen the full Robyn performance. I think Linkin Park looked like a band should even though that screaming guy has lost some of his voice.

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