Adds 09/13/2010

I hope someone can update this post soon with the screencaps from the addboard.

I saw KLAL (Little Rock) gave IIHY 7 spins in the last week. They are autoadders and report on Monday.

No other top 40 stations exceeded 7 spins. KDHT (Sacramento) did start spinning overnight so they might manually add tomorrow.

On HAC WWMX should auto add today. They are a CBS station and gave IIHY 22 spins last week. The other stations with more than 7 spins aren’t auto adders. WQSM is a cumulus station that played IIHY 16 times. I know they play OHP, so I’m not sure how HAC they truly are.



Canada Top40


2 Responses to Adds 09/13/2010

  1. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    Stations that have spun more than twice:

    WWMX-FM Pub 22 Hot AC Baltimore 19/RMG CBS Radio 22
    WQSM-FM Pub 16 Hot AC Fayetteville, NC 19/RMG Cumulus Broadcasting LLC 127
    WRQX-FM Pub 9 Hot AC Washington, DC 19/RMG Citadel Communications Corp. 9
    KLAL-FM Pub 7 Top 40 Little Rock 19/RMG Citadel Communications Corp. 85
    KDND-FM Pub 5 Top 40 Sacramento 19/RMG Entercom 27
    KALZ-FM Pub 4 Hot AC Fresno 19/RMG Clear Channel Communications 66
    KIIS-FM Pub 3 Top 40 Los Angeles 19/RMG Clear Channel Communications 2

  2. mariettejb says:

    As expected KLAL (top 40, Little Rock) and WWMX (HAC, Baltimore) added.

    Judging by this week’s adds (Nelly, Flo Rida, Rihanna and Adam), that Baltimore station doesn’t look very HAC to me.

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