Adam Lambert, Daughtry, Carrie Underwood, Chris Sligh see airplay gains


1 1 Adam Lambert, If I Had You (6774) (#20 Hot AC, #18 Top 40)

2 2 Daughtry, September (5504) (#21 AC, #38 Top 40)

3 5 Adam Lambert, Whataya Want From Me (4197) (#8 AC)

4 3 Fantasia, Bittersweet (4165) (#14 Urban, #2 Urban AC)

5 4 Carrie Underwood, Undo It (3890)

10 Responses to Adam Lambert, Daughtry, Carrie Underwood, Chris Sligh see airplay gains

  1. mariettejb says:

    WWFM actually gained spots compared to other Idol songs? lol, That song just refuses to die.

    Is WWFM the most played Idol song of the year?

  2. saga says:

    I think LLWD is ahead of WWFM in some end-of-year charts (not on HAC though). WWFM is THE most played recurrent song at HAC right now.

    • mariettejb says:

      I can’t look it up now, but on Pulse there is some chart for cumulative spins on Top 40 for the year. I think WWFM is ahead of LLWD there.

      In AC WWFM has been getting more spins than LLWD for weeks. On HAC WWFM must be higher than LLWD too. So unless the Christian charts gets LLWD a lot of spins, I think at the end of the year. WWFM will be ahead of LLWD.

      Pretty impressive that WWFM still is the most played recurrent song on HAC, since some big songs went recurrent there after WWFM went recurrent.

  3. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    OT: Hey, lob! Looks like there may be a GNT show in Denmark! Posted by shev at Adamtopia (these dates are not posted on yet):

    New date for Glam Nation in Norway on 8 November

    ETA: Another date 10 November – Denmark

    Also a poster on IDF says that the Finland venue is Kaapelitehdas Cap.2870 (She is not too impressed with it…says sound is dreadful !)

    • lob says:

      Yep, saga just told me. Of course I’m not in Denmark anymore and the concert is not only in the opposite end of the country from where my parents live, but also on a Wednesday. So I will not be experiencing the GNT in my home country. Capacity of the venue appears to be 1500 and tickets go on sale Friday.

    • mariettejb says:

      Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland.

      Damnit, they can’t skip the Netherlands!

      • samantha says:

        This might be a rumor, but I heard that Adam is skipping the Netherlands because he can’t find wooden shoes in his size.

        Speaking of which, I wrote a song in elementary school about the Netherlands. Luckily, I still remember all the words, so I’ll sing it for you if we ever meet at one of Adam’s concerts.

      • mariettejb says:


        I think there are shoes in his size

  4. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    “Fever” is the new single in Singapore!

    Also, this report from a fan:

    Adam told a fan at M&G Sunday nite that even if Fever is successful internationally it will not be released as US single because radio will never play it.

    Oh well. I’m glad that “Fever” is getting a chance as a single abroad. 🙂

  5. samantha says:


    But does he like vodka?

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