Daily Numbers 9/11/10


VH1: IIHY #17 (snippet shown)
AT40 POP: IIHY #20
AT40 HAC: IIHY #34, WWFM #15
Rick Dees (HAC): IIHY #28, WWFM #37

1 Fox All Access spin


#35 iTunes US


PC spins at 11.09 PM, 2:49 AM and 5:46 AM

20 18 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 4352 3917 435 21.548
+109 Spins
-11 Bullet
+0.318 AI

21 21 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 1132 1064 68 5.716
+23 Spins
+12 Bullet
+0.161 AI

Canada POP
8 10 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 632 657 -25 4.72

Canada HAC
6 6 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You  594 574 20 4.267

Updates in context:



Distances to competitors

Starters POP

Starters HAC


9 Responses to Daily Numbers 9/11/10

  1. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    Do you know if it got the full treatment on VH1? Love the update, but man I wish that Itunes would move.

  2. saga says:

    This is a bit funny; from the recurrent HAC chart

    18 20 KRIS ALLEN The Truth f/Pat Mona… 1190 1460 -270 2.887
    R R KRIS ALLEN Live Like We’re Dyin… 1186 1198 -12 7.612
    21 21 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 1132 1064 68 5.716

  3. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    About to pass them both, lol.

  4. cali50 says:

    OK, just saw that Kris’ video for TT is #5 on VH1 this week. I am only going to use this example because I know things about his numbers as opposed to the other people who are above Adam

    And, if VH1 wants to say they use other criteria, then what?

    Radio Play?? Ummm, no! TT is dropping like a lead balloon in all formats, while IIHY is steadily increasing!

    Views?? Ummm, no! TT has 57,000 over a 4 week period. Adam has just shy of 800,000. He adds more than 57,000 a week.

    i-Tunes??? Ummm, no! Adam has been in the high 20s or low 30. Kris is at #550.

    The full treatment on this show and/or a high placing always seems to help the i-Tunes numbers. This just annoys the hell out of me!

  5. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    I gave up on VH1 a long time ago- there is no ryhme or reason to the placements on the countdown- hopefully this will confirm it for everyone wasting their time voting like crazy for it.

    Do you know if IIHY got the short or long treatment?

  6. cali50 says:

    Yes, short treatment!
    You kow, they have been very supportive of Adam. All his videos have had a good run. But leading fans to believe their voting counts just sucks. This week is the week that proves to me that the votes mean nothing!

  7. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    Well it still moved up a couple of spots anyway- It’s at #32.

  8. jchang365 says:

    cali50, I would save your energy and not get too mad over this. Vh1 is a business like any other, and they probably make deals with artists’ management to pimp their videos, especially ones they get exclusives on. I’m sure Adam was a deal too, and for all we know, all of his #1s and high ranking in the beginning could have been manipulated by Vh1 too.

  9. cali50 says:

    jchang, I’m sure Adam has benefited from the manipulating.

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