Hit or Miss?

Rihannas new single, The Only Girl. Too electronic/dancey for me… I got a flash of fado phrasing (like I am the only one you’ll love) in the chorus, that’s the only redeeming factor for me. I am sure it will be a hit but this is like Ushers stuff to me.


8 Responses to Hit or Miss?

  1. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    I hate it with the heat of a thousand suns.


  2. mischa222 says:

    Wow, this song kinda sux!!! Really dislike it, which means it’ll probably be a huge hit.

    This doesn’t even sound like Rihanna to me.

  3. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    Rihann, like Beyonce is real hit and miss for me- no pun intednded. I either really love or hate their songs.

  4. zizou says:

    hmm strange…I like the electro sound of the song but don’t think the chorus is that catchy…but I don’t have a good record predicting hits and Rihanna is very popular right now after LTWYL (so probably this will be a hit). Seriously though I prefer Kelly Rowland’s Commander as an electro/dance song a lot more than this…

  5. saga says:

    The medoly is kind of weak no?

  6. jtfacts says:

    Meh. It’s no Rude Boy or Umbrella. I think DJ Got Us Fallin In Love is much better than this (and I almost never like Usher). Still, I don’t think it’s NMT weak. At least it sounds current and more CHR-friendly than Russian Roulette. With Rihanna’s track record, it will tear up the charts, but I don’t think it’s a CG or Tik Tok type of hit.

  7. jchang365 says:

    The beat is awesome. The chorus is kind of bland. It’s going to take me awhile to like it, but I probably will later.

  8. mariettejb says:

    DISCLAIMER: I suck at predicting hits

    I listened to this about 8 times to get a feeling of it. It is now stuck in my head. That’s a good indicator of hit potential, right?

    It is not very original. It is very repetitive. Feels like 80% of the song is the chorus.

    I do like it better than “DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again” and “I Like It” and “Teenage Dream”. Of the current straight up pop songs I only prefer Kesha’s “Take It Off” and “Dynamite” over this one. I’m not including IIHY in this because I’m too biased to say anything about that song.

    Since this is Rihanna I’m saying top 10 for sure, top 5 probably, top 3 maybe, #1 I don’t think so.

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