Adam To Be On Kidd Kraddick This Morning

10:00 am central time:

Almost 200 posts for three seperate facebook entrees. I am amazed at the amount of people in Texas that are willing to publicly state how against his lifestyle they are.!/Kiddkraddick?ref=ts


19 Responses to Adam To Be On Kidd Kraddick This Morning

  1. saga says:

    I think Dallas CC will add next week…

  2. saga says:

    I don’t think they would add IIHY if they don’t intend to play it but maybe Dallas CC is so big they can do what they want?

  3. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    I think I am confusing Dallas and Chicago- it was the Chicago stations that would add and not play, right?

  4. saga says:

    I don’t know… but I think Adam has been getting little airplay in Dallas/Texas from the beginning (WWFM as well)? People seems to be very opinionated at least!

  5. mariettejb says:

    Dallas is a station that usually plays before adding. They haven’t played IIHY outside of at40, not once.

    Dallas is also the station that stopped playing WWFM until they got their interview with Adam, so they do care about promo from the singers they play.

    It could go both ways, but I wouldn’t be totally suprised if they did the douchebag thing of heavely promoting this interview and still not playing IIHY.

  6. saga says:

    Ah thanks mar! Yeah I guess it can go either way. Still hoping for an add next week… I think it’s too early this week.

  7. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    mar- after the interview were they pretty good about playing WWFM then?

  8. jtfacts says:

    KHKS added WWFM early and I think spun well. At some point they dropped it pretty hard, but I think it was several months after it came out, even if it was before the song peaked elsewhere.

    This is the station where a fan has spoken to the djs multiple times and has reported the PD dislikes IIHY and that the djs say there aren’t enough requests.

    Kidd Kraddick isn’t Ryan or Elvis, but he’s syndicated and bigger than the typical dj so it’s entirely possible KHKS will view an interview as more than enough. Heck, didn’t Denver interview Adam and then not add?

    • mariettejb says:

      Yes, Adam came to the Denver studio. It was on a Saturday I remember. They spun the song twice then and that has been it outside maybe a few syndicated spins. Douchebags!

    • planetangst ( Studio57) says:

      KIIS interviewed and didn’t add too. I really hate these people, and that Kraddick dude is stirring up trouble on facebook with “wow Adam Lambert sure is polarizing!”.

      What radio station wouldn’t want a polarizing artist? It sickens me, actually, and I am about ready to get on my facebook and tell a few of those idiots what I think of them- including Kraddick.

      • mariettejb says:

        I wish there was a way to tell these assholes DJs to fuck off, but there is only one person that gets hurt by that and it isn’t the jerks who deserve it.

  9. saga says:

    Denver is now on the Black List

  10. jtfacts says:

    I didn’t take Kraddick’s polarizing comment as an insult, but more as a statement of fact. A pop star who isn’t polarizing isn’t much of a pop star. I bet Adam would much rather have people talking about him, even negatively, than not talking about him at all.

    • planetangst ( Studio57) says:

      Oh, I don’t think he was meaning it as an insult- just that he knew he would stir up trouble (comments) with the statement. It bothers me that they know he gets them publicity yet they still don’t play him.

      • jtfacts says:

        Ohhhhhhh…now I get it. I have such a low opinion of djs that this ranks quite low on my annoyance list!

  11. mariettejb says:

    KHKS hasn’t added Secrets (1 spin last week) or Nelly (15 spins), so I’m thinking IIHY might be passed over this week and they will add those two songs above IIHY. It’s the first week for both songs in the top 20.

    If we are going with the theory that they spin before they add, Secrets might not be added.

    All other songs still in the top 40 that ever made it to top 20 have been added by Dallas. So if they don’t even add next week, they are seriously assholes.

  12. cali50 says:

    He’s playing the song and video right now!!!!
    Adam on soon.

  13. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    Damn I missed almost the whole thing because I had to go pick up one of my kids 😦

    Got back in time to see his brother Neil up there. What did I miss?

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