X Factor!

I was bored this morning and tried to avoid working and ended up checking out this clip from X Factor. Now, there was quite the uproar about the use of autotune on this show… I watched this and though the stability of her voice didn’t match her nervousness. I think they still use it. What do you guys think?


3 Responses to X Factor!

  1. jchang365 says:

    I dunno about autotune, but omg, someone feed her a meal. This was actually uncomfortable for me to watch. She’s not that attractive either, idgi.

  2. mariettejb says:

    I suck at detecting autotune, but that was awkward. She acted like a 16 year old, dressed like a 30 year old and sang a song that didn’t fit her at all.

  3. lindag23 says:

    Remember how Adam said in that interview with Michael Slezak (?) that the television audience often did not hear the performances the same way as the studio audience. Well that must be the case here because I do not hear what they found so wonderful. I could not tell if it had been autotuned, it wasn’t obvious but I did hear hints of it at the end of some phrases. I thought about getting out my earphones for better definition than my laptop speakers but decided that it was not to in my own best interest.

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