FYE is new single in Australia

ausp0p has stated that Sony Music has sent FYE to Australian radio Monday morning. I didn’t see this coming at all, but I believe FYE hasn’t ever been in released in Australia. I think New Zealand will probably still get a new single as FYE did go Top 10 there.



6 Responses to FYE is new single in Australia

  1. jtfacts says:

    I feel the same I did when the Aussie/FYE rumor first circulated a few weeks ago. Kind of eh. To be fair though, it can be spun two ways. On the plus side, the video is great (my fave of Adam’s videos) and Adam is more established in Australia than he was in the U.S. or U.K. when FYE was released and didn’t storm up the charts. Plus, the people who are big on the seasonal release theory would say FYE is better suited to spring/summer than SW.

    On the less positive side, FYE hasn’t been a huge hit anywhere than we know of other than NZ and Finland(?) and the fact that there’s already a video makes me wonder if RCA isn’t planning on any more videos, which would mean no more singles in the U.S. from FYE. But it could just be they haven’t decided one way or another and went with FYE in Australia for the time being. Radio moves much faster in Australia than the U.S. Only time will tell.

    • planetangst ( Studio57) says:

      Wasn’t FYE a hit in Canada? I think that song is seriously underrated- 4 million hits on youtube has to say something.

      I love that Austalia and NZ really ‘get ” him. According to an article I read about Pink, she feels the same way about Australia. I wish the US could embace him as much.

      I really want to hear about a GNT NZ date- that country deserves the best show ever

  2. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    FYE? Wow, I wouldn’t have guessed that either. I like FYE as a song, and it has a ready-made video, so perhaps jtf is right about using FYE in part because of that.

    As for NZ, this was just posted:


    Re: Adam’s next NZ radio single will be taken out next week @kiwiglambert @nzglambert007 21 minutes ago via TweetDeck Retweeted by 9 people ”

    (as an aside, I just love the cover artwork for the FYE single, so much so that I’ve inserted it as the cover of my FYE CD. 😉 )

  3. cali50 says:

    FYE was already released in NZ but not Australia? I don’t think I remember that. How did it do?

    • cali50 says:

      Never mind. Just found this at Q3’s site

      FYE Single Certification History:
      Canada – Platinum 40,000 units March 2010
      New Zealand – Gold 7,500 units March 2010

      So, the US will most likely get the same single NZ is getting?

  4. saga says:

    Not sure what I think of this… I guess FYE might work better as a later single instead of as a debut single. Still think it is a bit risky since it hasn’t connected with radio in most places.

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