Adds Week 9/6-9/7

Monday morning is add board viewing time. This is when the addboard is updated with the spins each station has given a song during the week (sat-sat). What you see below is a snapshot of the stations that spin IIHY but haven’t added yet. If a station has more than 7 spins reported they’ll likely autoadd if that is how they usually do their adds. Feel free to edit in which of the stations that are autoadders if you want (Thanks mar!).

WNOU: auto adder, all other station with more than 7 spins are manual adders

JTF edit: last week KBEA and WHHY deviated from the typical Cumulus pattern and autoadded Magic

KVUU and KYIS are auto adders.

Canada top 40: CFMC is an auto adder, the other two do both manual and auto adds, depending on the week.


9 Responses to Adds Week 9/6-9/7

  1. mariettejb says:

    On pop WNOU is an auto adder
    WDCG is a manual adder that usually only adds the week after they start playing. I expect them to report the add tomorrow (unless the holiday messes with them reporting the add)

    KVUU is an auto adder
    KYIS is an auto adder
    WRQX is usually a manual adder. If they fail to report they are an auto adders. Given the holiday, they might not report, then IIHY will be an auto add

    Canada top 40: CFMC is an auto adder, the other two do both manual and auto adds, depending on the week.

  2. lob says:

    That’s quite impressive; 40 spins in one week and not added yet? Guess they put IIHY straight into a pretty high rotation. I like that 😀

    • mariettejb says:

      WNOU got to give away a lots of tickets and M&Gs for last Tuesday’s concert. I think Indy from YES actually won one of the prices.

    • planetangst ( Studio57) says:

      Wonder if they just did that for the concert and then will stop playing afterwards- a few stations have done that- including mine but it’s not monitored so it doesn’t upset me as much.

      Should I not get my hopes up about Cumulus? That chart looks pretty promsing.

  3. saga says:

    So to sum it up we have 1 autoadd on POP (WNOU), 2 on HAC (KVUU and KYIS) and 1 on Canada POP (CFMC)?

    And the manual adders we’re pretty confident about is 2 on POP (WDCG and WWWQ), 1 on HAC (WRQX) and hopefully 2 on Canada POP (CKTF and CKMF)?

    And then we’re keeping our fingers crossed for other cumulus and random stations like KIIS (LA) and KHKS (Dallas)?

  4. jtfacts says:

    As far as Cumulus stations other than Atlanta, who knows what could happen. If Atlanta adds, IIHY could follow what happened with Nelly’s song and get added by the rest of the Cumulus stations in a couple weeks. If it follows what happened with Flo Rida, then the other stations won’t add. Or maybe it could follow Magic’s example and get a couple auto adds from the stations that have more than 7 spins. I’d prefer manual adds, since auto adds by the Cumulus stations would just reflect syndicated spins and not adds to the regular playlist.

    As far as KIIS or KHKS, hah! Especially KHKS since I’m pretty sure they start spinning before adding and I’m not aware of IIHY getting any non-syndicated spins from KHKS last week.

  5. mariettejb says:

    Look at who is acknowledging Adam’s excistance:

    Happy Lab- er, LAMBERT Day! Adam Lambert will perform tomorrow night at The Palladium Ballroom in Dallas! You… about 2 hours ago via Facebook

    Yes, that is KHKS, Still no spin except for at40 from them. So lets see what this means.

    There have been no auto adds reported. I think we have to wait for that until tomorrow.

  6. saga says:

    And looky here (mar found this)

    Adam Lambert is in studio with us on KiddTV tmrw (Tuesday) morning at 10am central time. Click the KiddTV tab on… about 1 hour ago via Facebook Retweeted by 17 people

  7. samantha says:

    NO ADDS for KMHX this week.

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