Daily Numbers 9/6/10


OHP 2 spin (1 more than last week)
CLUB KANE 1 spins (1 less than last week)


#28 iTunes US


PC spins at 2:43 AM

Breaking the 4000 spins per week barrier!!!

22 18 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 4036 3503 533 20.359
+71 Spins
+32 Bullet
+0.137 AI

24 20 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 1079 932 147 5.266
+10 Spins
-15 Bullet
+0.102 AI

Canada POP
12 8 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 656 618 38 5.33

Canada HAC
4 6 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 571 605 -34 4.188

Updates in context:



Distances to competitors

124 spins ahead of Paramore (+209)
95 spins ahead of Eminem (+162)
3 spins away from Nelly (-196)
18 spins away from OR (+9)
1844 spins away from Perry (+251)

68 spins ahead of Swift (-44)
308 spins away from Allen (+44)
566 spins away from Lady A (+6)
809 spins away from Lifehouse (-3)
1228 spins away from Pink (+46)

Starters POP

Starters HAC


8 Responses to Daily Numbers 9/6/10

  1. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    Awesome! Lovin the Itunes position too!

  2. cali50 says:

    !8!! !8!!!!!!!!!! !8!!!!!!!!!! Woo-hoo!

  3. jtfacts says:

    Yay for 18!

    Boo for possible reduction in PC spins. But yay for OR possibly not getting PC spins like I thought they would!

  4. lob says:

    Looks like it could be a rather boring week in terms of hostile takeovers in both formats this week. On POP there are no immediate threats from behind (although some may appear as the week moves on). IIHY may or may not repass OR but that appears to be the only likely target. Katy is probably still too far away. There are also no songs going recurrent. So we should move up to #17 or stay at #18 for the week.

    On HAC, IIHY will be passed by Taylor in the next couple of days and PWT might start becoming a minor nuisance. However, with the past days’ sucky HAC updates, IIHY is not in shape to pass anyone this week. If the updates pick up TT could be in range. The Script may finally go recurrent this week, but Pink doesn’t look like she’ll drop enough. So it looks like we’ll stay as #20 or perhaps even drop to #21 this week (if TS doesn’t go recurrent after all).

    All of this could change as the week moves on of course.

  5. jchang365 says:

    Good to see this back in the 20s on iTunes. 🙂

  6. cali50 says:

    Is there anyway to send PMs on this board? Planetangst, I really miss our PMs about a certain place and certain fans. I sent you one on Adamtopia, but sadly, you are not there very much.

  7. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    I’ll go check over there now, lol. I’ll check more often- just been in and out all weekend because of the holiday 🙂

  8. saga says:

    “For Your Entertainment” by @adamlambert re-enters the album chart in New Zealand at #13 for a 35th week on the survey. Previous peak: #5. about 19 hours ago via web Retweeted by you and 2 others

    “Whataya Want From Me” by @adamlambert moving back up the singles chart in Switzerland, with a 37-36 rise in 17th week on the list. about 19 hours ago via web Retweeted by you and 4 others

    “If I Had You” by @adamlambert climbs 14-10 to reach new peak position in sixth week on singles chart in Finland. about 19 hours ago via web Retweeted by you and 8 others

    “If I Had You” by @adamlambert holding at #9 in 11th week on official singles chart in Australia. about 19 hours ago via web

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