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I changed to this theme because it could handle the tables studio posted. It don’t like how the links are presented but I don’t know how to fix that.

Post about the site/blog and changes here…

ETA: I know Samantha mentioned it too but at the top right corner of the blog there are 2 buttons (posts and comments). They are REALLY good for keeping track of new comments and posts. Highly recommended!!!!


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  1. sagajo says:

    jtfacts… I need an email from you to make you admin. Same for lob when you log in and register. Email the email to

    • justgill says:

      I’ve been trying to work out how to add jpeg’s of the chart tables.
      Just looking at this, the help screen says to create a new post or open one in edit mode.

      Does that mean it has to be admin that adds these pics?

  2. sagajo says:

    Same goes for jchang if you wanna be able to make posts yourself and not just comment on the posts.

  3. sagajo says:

    Ziz and I have been at the shakira channel on yes when we wanna chat about the blog.

  4. planetangst says:

    is jtf ziz? I am confuzzled, lol.

  5. sagajo says:

    cosem is ziz, jtfacts is jtf.

  6. planetangst says:

    and cosem is angelbunny too right?

  7. cosem says:

    lol Studio yes I’ m cosem aka angelbunny aka zizou75, the person with multiple personalities… call me whatever you want (although I prefer cosem or ziz, I hated angelbunny it was a stupid nick..)

  8. mariettejb says:

    Hey, looking good guys 😀

    lol @ using shakira’s channel. Last time I was there it was to discuss football when people where getting pissed at us for talking about the world cup.

    Who are the people that are posting here right now?

    • cosem says:

      hi marb, welcome! We’ re just a bunch of PF and yes people…me, saga, jtf (pooh), titimira (lob), studio (planetangst – best nick ever btw) …but we’ re still trying to find out how things work around here

  9. planetangst says:

    marriettejb- who are you, lol? I know we gotta use new names here so it’s kind of hard- we should have a cheatsheet, lol. I’m Studio57.

    Angelbunny- you would hate the name I love, lol. I remember I typo’d angelbummy one time and you called me out on it, haha.

    I can always call ya zicobunny 🙂

    And yay me- I figured out how to get justgill’s song stats under the blogroll after two fricken days! Who knew it would be as easy as adding links.

    justgill, if you are on here, you are credited when you put your mouse over the link.

    Now if we could only figure out the blockquote…….

  10. sagajo says:

    Hi mar bb!

    If you want rights to make posts on the blog (and not just comment) let me know!

    Right now studio (from PF), pooh, ziz, me and jchang are posting. Oh and lob. I haven’t seen if angela has posted anything yet.

    Hard to get word out to the previous number thread geeks on PF since the site is down…

  11. planetangst says:

    Who else do we need to look for from numbers? I have another day on the Adam fan site before I have to pay and I can round up some people. Name some.

  12. sagajo says:

    I more want to get word out to some of the old PF people… like fuzyy and samantha. Lm and kmt are on so they know… Who else used to frequent the number thread?

  13. justgill says:

    I’ve finally made it here! I’m not on MJ’s, Pulse or any of the other places that Studio57 (Planetangst…) mentioned, so should I be?
    I’ve put the tables that I’ve been working on in my photobucket account.

    Can anyone enlighten me a bit more please? This all happened while I was away from home and had limited access to the web.
    Are these numbers for Q3’s new site or are they just in use here?
    Where’s HSM?

    I’m a bit confuzzled and a tad upset about all the shenanigans and still feeling homeless without PF.

    Is this a good place to hang out and what do I do next ???

    ps. what’s the blockquote problem???

  14. jtfacts says:

    chicagolaw? I think I’ve seen her at MJs.

    Is kmt on yes? I’ve never seen her there.

  15. sagajo says:

    Oh I forgot chicagolaw! I think kmt is on yes… I’ll check.

  16. jtfacts says:

    I think samantha might be on Pulse–at least I saw someone with that username there yesterday. Oh, and Angela! She’s on yes.

  17. justgill says:


  18. planetangst says:

    Hellow justgill glad you made it here!- q3 has a seperate board. We just wanted a numbers board for the peeps that just like numbers. On Planet Fierce alot of peeps hated when we were less than enthusiastic about the adds or daily numbers so here we can just angst all we want. So welcome!

    Love the charts!

    As far as blockquoting, we haven’t figured out how to do it yet, lol.

    We are as cluless as you with what happened- we just know PF shut down with no way any of us can get ahold of each other. Saga and I are on Pulse together and the rest are on I want to find myspencer and TKLC. If you see any names we have mentioned and you know they are on the new site- go ahead and ask them. You can tell we are still new at this, lol.

    • justgill says:

      Hi, angsty 🙂 – I don’t think I can really be of much help here on a daily basis. The intricacies of the US charts, adds, spins, completely eludes me. I’m quite happy to format, chart, numbers, but I have no idea where they come from.

      I gave myspencer your message and she said they really missed you over there at Q3’s. I posted the numbers over there as well, as Q3 had lost all the numbers with PF.
      I think that’s another reason to go see them ;).

      I’m quite happy to add numbers to the spreadsheets as long as anyone wants me to (and gives them to me!), or to do other similar stuff. If you can pull them into the posts each week, that’s fine by me.

      • planetangst says:

        Justgill- don’t worry about daily updates- sales and BB are updated once weekly. By Thursday ( but usually by Wednesday) I will put numbers up for IIHY, WWFM and FYE with the updates and if you want to check here and update your charts, thats good, but I totally understand if you do not want to commit. Everyone has gone their seperate ways and it is all a mess.I can’t expect you to go around updating charts but if you use this link all the time that you gave us we should keep updated anyway, right?

  19. sagajo says:

    I pmed the samantha on pulse… and I also told Angela about this place.

  20. justgill says:

    I found myspencer on Q3’s and pm’d her with the link.

    I was also looking for how to bring the actual jpeg’s across rather than sending people to my photobucket, but the help isn’t much!!
    It says to go to ‘posts>new’ or open an existing post in edit mode. When I went to ‘posts’ I just got a page full of html.
    How was this post started? I’ll get back to it later.
    Came back from my daughter’s with a streaming cold. I think I’ve had enough for today 🙂

  21. samantha33d says:

    So happy to be here!!!

    Man, I was bummin’ — Lucky thing my twin has ninja skills.

  22. sagajo says:

    HI samantha! Nice to see you!!!!

    Justgill… I think everyone can post a jpg but I am not sure.

    Ok, remember those of you (samantha,angela,justgill,mar) that want to do more than just comment on posts (like make posts yourself) need to give your email to me (

    • planetangst says:

      when did the reply box under each post show up? Now we don’t need no stinking blockquotes.

      now how bout smileys? hahahaha- wasn’t that one of our last arguments at PF?


  23. planetangst says:

    Hey- now we need to change the header somehow with a pic of Adam. Since Saga had the great ideo of Adam In Radioland how bout one of the pics from IIHY video since it looks like Alice In Wonderland? Or come up with some other stuff and we can put it to a vote,.

    The Adam fan site has some great stills, don’t know how to bring them over:

  24. cosem says:

    heheh I changed some settings…call it a magic wand…if you want saga…as for smiles

    • samantha33d says:

      Well, it appears that they’re forbidden on WP. Heh.


      Just kidding (not really) — but yeah — just kidding. Do it, if you must.

  25. planetangst says:

    zicobunny, you’re the man! 😉

  26. sagajo says:


    Samantha found this

    She also an admin now! :p

  27. jtfacts says:

    Like the pic idea PA!

    From an organizational standpoint (sorry, in another life I wanted to be a librarian), are we good with the MJ-kind of blog style where things get pushed off the page as new posts are added? The only potential downside to that is that early day posts like Daily Numbers get pushed too far down and then out of sight, out of mind.

    But I think tagging and those top buttons would take care of that. So like there’s a top button for Daily Numbers and Adds and people could click on those to get to the most recent posts about that (the OP I assume has to make sure to select the right tag). Maybe there could be a top button for sales too? And maybe Adam Music for musical posts related to Adam like a particularly good perf or rumored/desired collaborator or something? Then non-Adam related music posts could go under New Music or Musical Snack (I’m not sure what the diff between those two things is?).

    Oh wait, I’m an idiot, some of those buttons are already there. So Adam’s World is Adam Music? Okay, well, ignore most of what I said except my suggestion that there be a Sale button at the top and a tag. And maybe tell me what radioland is exactly (general industry discussion?) and the diff between New Music and Musical Snack.

    And I propose a daily blog construction post to hash these things out!

    • cosem says:

      You’re right about New music I think it should go to Radioland…yeah Adam’s world is all about Adam and the difference between Radioland and Music Snack is that I wanted to have a separate category for current music (top40 etc) ,discussion about sales or the music industry now (Radioland) and a category where we can post whatever we want (well especially for suggestions and maybe older artists) I dunno…oh and I wanted to avoid to repeat the word music too much…

    • planetangst says:

      I agree about the daily thread- any one of us can start it when we feel like it since we are all pretty much mods here, lol.

      BTW- not sure if you guys found it but under “my accounts” you can select “track my comments” and it will be easier to find where you have posted and whether anyone has responded to it.

  28. planetangst says:

    Umm. I suck at life and blog design, FML.

    How the hell do you find an image that small and wide for a header?

    Okay the second one is not so bad, and hey- it fits with the Alice in Wonderland theme:

    OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. samantha33d says:

    The info on this YouTube applies only to adding images to posts — NOT to comments. I’ll work on adding images to comments next.

  30. samantha33d says:

    Let’s see if this works.

  31. samantha33d says:

    One more thing — putting a YouTube video into a comment.

  32. samantha33d says:

    Damn. Did y’all already know how to do this shit?

    I just saw angster’s Motown vid on the Cee Lo blog.

  33. sagajo says:

    We’re way ahead of you Samantha. Though I was not able to add the IIHY mv in the “about” post…

    Just spoke to Q3 through pulse and I added a link to adamtopia on our blog (check to the right). She might post a link to our blog on the forum, but I will leave it up to her to do what she feels is best. I am a shy and reserved Swede and I don’t self-advertise! Also, I told her none of us would mind if they wanna copy stuff from here (like lobs distance to competitors). We now live in a copy-paste world and resistance is futile. And of course it works the other way around as well (insert evil laugh here). 😛

    Btw, I signed up on adamtopia and said hello to everyone but I prob won’t post much there if this place turns out good!

    Hoppers wants you all to pop in on adamtopia and say hello btw.

  34. jtfacts says:

    Bwhaha at the shy and reserved Swede b.s.

    Question–did I screw up my music post by tagging it as Musical Snack rather than Radioland?

    And what are sales or concert stats to be tagged as?

  35. sagajo says:

    Who made this post jump up on top? I tried the whole morning to make this topic “sticky”…

  36. cosem says:

    ok ninjas, this is what I want us to find out (I posted that in the numbers thread too)…how can we makr the first post to continue after the jump…like the posts on Mj’s so that the first entry stays short (I don’t know if we can do it though..maybe it’s not a WP feature)

    • jtfacts says:

      ziz, I don’t know if this will work, but have you tried Support–Configuration–Custom Post Screen (not sure I have the name of the last one right)? There’s a check box shown in there called “Excerpt” which sounds potentially relevant.

      • jtfacts says:

        Ziz, ignore my prior post. Go to Support and search for Splitting Content. Looks like what you need is there,

  37. cosem says:

    Thanks jtf, I tried it in the numbers thread. What do you think guys, do you like it better this way or how it was before?

  38. sagajo says:

    I think it is good this way… especially for the daily numbers. I changed my smash post to the music snack category… and I posted sale info in the daily numbers thread.

    Also updated the “about” post and finally got the IIHY mv to stick, so check it out. The thing I wanna do next (when I have time) is to make some more links for places I get info…

    Next thing is to get links to stats archives up I guess?

  39. jtfacts says:

    I like the split post, ziz!

  40. planetangst says:

    I have a suggestion- I love the Hit or Miss ( or smash or Fail) feature- alot. Can we just make that one of the top headings BUT keep it all under one post? That way we won’t bury other threads and it will be easy access.

  41. sagajo says:

    Hey guys, seems that my links are not working (the shortcuts to the mediabase charts and the link to brians album sales post). Can someone fix them?

  42. sagajo says:

    I gave a bunch of you editorial rights (mar,myspencer, linda,angela,justgill and jchang) which means you can now make posts of your own or edit into already existing posts (I think). For example if new numbers come up, you can edit them in the daily numbers thread.

    I also added a bunch of new links to different mediabase charts, different pulse links and also 2 links for idol single/album stats (for the AI loonies :P)

    lm, if you sign up and post I’ll make you editor too. Still haven’t been able to locate/got hold of chicagolaw or kmt. The rest seems to be here.

  43. sagajo says:

    Also added adam’s twitter in a bar at the foot of the page and also hooplamagnet since they have a lot of adam news, mv’s and such. There is room for one more twitter account at the bottom, which one should I add?

  44. saga says:

    Another thing I discovered… if you go to your profile you can change the username that will be shown. See I am now shown as Saga even though I couldn’t register that username?

  45. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    Cool- but Saga I think you should have your public name be Master Of Angst- I always liked that, lol.

    We should all take angst names, hahaha.

  46. zizou says:

    test test…I changed my username to zizou since no one is gonna use the cosem one….and makes things easier..

    and nooo I don’t want an angst name…. I’ m Pollyanna :)…well most of the times….I think…crap…I admit it I do have my moments of angst too…. (btw I did read all Pollyanna’s books when I was a kid) -rant over.

  47. saga says:

    Is anyone seeing my new “gravatar”? I see the old one when I post but my profile shows the new one… weird.

    I would love if the links on the right side automatically opened in a new tab but I haven’t found a setting for that. Anyone knows how to fix that? Hated that about MJ’s.

    Also, I forgot about Calliope. Anyone knows how to get hold of her? I found fuzzy btw!

  48. saga says:

    Yes I did Samantha and I thought it would show up by now! very depressed…

  49. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    Just testing to see if my new avatar will show up (I can see it on my dashboard).

    Hmmm … still not working, even though I can see the avatar in my comments on my “dashboard” and I can see your “Master of Angst” avatar there as well, saga.

  50. saga says:

    I have no clue why it is not working fuzzy… ziz, how did you get your avatar to work?

  51. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    saga, I found out why so many people have editing privileges. I and many others are listed as “administrators” on this page:

    You should probably go through and change the status of people. I think that I should be a “contributor”. 🙂

    • samantha says:

      Fuzzy — Saga did that because she recognized in all of us strong administrative abilities.

      Or maybe it was just so we could make posts. Heh.

      Good to see you. Did you see that I featured your “Just Say No” in a post? LOL

  52. zizou says:

    I didn’t do anything special with my avi….but maybe it shows cause when I registered in WP I clicked the option to create a blog? I mean I do theoretically have another blog here that I use only as a playground (testing stuff etc).

  53. saga says:

    This blog is ruled by democratic anarchy… or anarchic democracy?

  54. samantha says:

    I still think we need a quote button. It’s easy to miss replies — especially if they’re in a comment that is up a few notches.

    I found the thing to download, but I don’t know where to put it after it’s downloaded. WIM (Woe Is Me)

  55. saga says:

    I think atm ziz is the one who has required the most technical blog skills… but fuzzy, jtf and sammy might have hidden skills. I learned one thing and that is how to make people administrators. A very useful skill if I may say so. Anyway… here is the wishlist for now.

    1. Make it so that when you click on links they open in a new tab.
    2. Quoting abilities.
    3. Archive links for sales/radio stats (justgill posted some new links on AT)
    4. Get our Gravatars to work.

    And guys did you see my new twitter adds in the footer? Aren’t they neat?

  56. angelaforaml says:

    LOL, i feel like such a technology fail! I cant figure out how to do anything here! But will keep trying..

  57. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    Hey! I can see your avatar now, saga! 🙂 I was poking around on WordPress help and read something about a delay when a person changes their avatar (they have the old one cached or something), but the new one shows up after an unspecified delay. Maybe, mine will show up soon? *looks hopeful*

    ETA: “but fuzzy, jtf and sammy might have hidden skills.”

    LOL! Oh sure. In my case, these skills are so hidden that I have no clue that I possess them. 😉 😀

  58. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    “Fuzzy — Saga did that because she recognized in all of us strong administrative abilities.”

    That may be true of y’all, but giving me that kind of “power” is a big mistake.

    “Or maybe it was just so we could make posts. Heh.”

    So we can edit other people’s posts? Cool!

    “Good to see you. Did you see that I featured your “Just Say No” in a post? LOL”

  59. saga says:

    Samantha… don’t you know your evil twin? I don’t wanna right click, I want it to open in a new tab when I double click! Why? Because laziness is a virtue.

    • samantha says:


      I suppose you have a point.

      But yay!! I see your angst gravatar!

      Then again — noes!! I’m not running in circles with you. I must research this at once to find a remedy.

  60. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    Is there a place for concert boxscores or are they not being posted here?

  61. saga says:

    Fuzzy, post them in the daily numbers thread when you find them.

  62. zizou says:

    I tried to do sth with the links yday but I failed miserably…If I find the time during the weekend I may try again..I’m pretty sure it’s easier than it looks…

  63. fuzzywuzzy1 says:

    Regarding responding to a comment, I’ve been hitting the reply button below that comment and so my post ends up being below the comment, rather than at the end. Is it better to just quote the post and reply at the end of the comments rather than specifically to the post (where the person may not see the response if it occurs a lot later than their comment)?

  64. justgill says:

    Look what I just found! Should update live as the spread sheet changes, with any luck.
    If it’s any use I’ll share my illgotten gains

    Lighting blue touchpaper – now!

  65. justgill says:

    I’m so annoyed. I just posted an actual chart linked to a spreadsheet (twice) in edit mode, and twice saw it come in, only to have it disappear on the next click.
    If I can get it to work, you could put all your repeating stats into a spreadsheets that, once embedded, will update as changed.
    Would that be useful??

    I’ll still keep trying anyway, because I hate to be beaten on things like this :D.

  66. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    justgill- I noticed the same thing- it lets you in once and then makes you put in a google account password.. I think I manage to update a couple of stats ( BB positions for IIHY and WWFM) though.

    • justgill says:

      Yes, I saw you’d updated IIHY. I didn’t think that part was a problem??
      I was thinking of limiting who could change them; can do that with emails of those required. At that point I wouldn’t be surprised about p/w checks, but other than that I’m afraid I don’t know.

      What I’m trying to do is embed a live shot of the chart in a thread here so it always shows in the latest form.

      Still teeth-gnashing at the moment though. So near and yet……………………..

  67. justgill says:

    Final comment: I have to admit defeat. Finally found info on ‘help’.

    The reason I could see the chart at first is because the html was correct, and it vanished because WordPress actively strip it out again. Security…………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!! This shouldn’t have anything to do with the updating of the spreadsheets, angster.

    Oh well, just let me have the email addresses of anyone who wants to be able to update those 3 charts and I’ll restrict editorial rights.

    Bummer! Good night folks; it’s half past midnight here

  68. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    I’ll pm you at adamtopia with my email address..

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