Daily Numbers 9/2/10


#35 on iTunes US
#10 iTunes Canada


PC spins at 1:08 AM and 4:43 AM

21 21 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 3711 3424 287 19.438
+54 spins
+16 bullet
+0.022 AI

24 22 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 1032 827 205 4.901
+36 spins
+19 bullet
+0.21 AI

Canada POP
13 8 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 633 565 68 5.194

Canada HAC
4 5 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 583 610 -27 4.058

Updates in context:



Distances to competitors

573 spins ahead of Nelly (-130)
34 spins ahead of Cosgrove (+167)
6 spins away from Drake (+218)
562 spins away from Eminem (+151)
853 spins away from Paramore (+282)

179 spins ahead of Swift (-8)
4 spins away from Gaga (+66)
471 spins away from Allen (+53)
593 spins away from Lady A (+14)

Starters POP

Starters HAC


17 Responses to Daily Numbers 9/2/10

  1. planetangst says:

    Cheeya Amanda Cosgrove and your insipid little song! #20 by Tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And he should pass Gaga on HAC tomorrow. Just noticed Olfip’s song is negative bullet again, so he will be the next song to pass, but it’ll be a week or two.

  2. rationalflake says:


  3. sagajo says:

    Yup top 20 here we come. I am still keeping my eyes on 1R… I hope lob will post distance to competitors soon. Yday we gained on them but today we lost 20 spins to them.

  4. sagajo says:

    Looking at the recurrent chart for HAC, WWFM is the most spun recurrent song.

    R R ADAM LAMBERT Whataya Want From Me 1879 1916 -37 10.361

    It is after Animals Neon Trees on the chart (14).

    IIHY will pass LLWD soon too;

    R R KRIS ALLEN Live Like We’re Dying 1214 1262 -48 7.428

  5. jtfacts says:

    I don’t think 1R is getting PC spins yet, so once they get those, they’ll be taking off even more. So I wouldn’t hold my breath for IIHY to pass them.

    Yay for KU finally going down!

    I believe WDCG, Raleigh Top 40, is finally spinning the song consistently so they will likely add next week, along with WNOU in Indianapolis.

    Supposedly Z100 might have dropped IIHY’s rotation, but they’ve been spinning for months so I don’t think there’s much left as far as potential sales from Z100 listeners and therefore a reduced Z100 rotation isn’t a biggie from a sales perspective.

  6. cosem says:

    Nice update again…

    Finally KU has dropped…bye bye Disney princess there is only room for one young innocent girl in the top40…

    Yeah unfortunately this week’s updates for Secrets are without PC spins which means more gains for them next week if they get them. Honestly? I really like this song so I would rather see them climbing the charts than the Consgroves and Swifts of the radioland..

  7. jtfacts says:

    Me too cosem/ziz (zizcosem?). I like Secrets and it’s selling well on iTunes. It isn’t an ATY/KU situation.

    So I guess AO is now teasing a new single (this is on the U.S. section of the site now, now NZ like earlier)? Sounds like something may be coming soon. If it’s anything other than SW, I’ll eat my hat. Well, if I had a hat, I would. But yay for a new single! I wasn’t sure there’d be one.


    ETA: Okay, the links in that blurb are to NZ twitter and Facebook, so this still might be a NZ situation only.

  8. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    Saga- thanks for posting the link to idol single sales! I was looking for it yesterday and couldn’t find it. Based on the info in that article, WWFM ranks 9th in terms of single sales off a debut album:

    1. No Air- 3.1 million
    2. Before He Cheats- 2.9
    3. It’s Not Over- 2.1
    4. Tattoo- 2.0
    5. Home- 1.96
    6. Crush- 1.9
    7. Jesus Take The Wheel- 1.7
    8. LLWD- 1.5
    9. WWFM- 1.5
    10. One Step At A Time 1.3 ( Never heard this song in my lfe, lol- Jordin)

    If you are wondering why no Kelly Clarkson, it’s because the digital age really didn’t start until 2005- that is why she sold so many albums, same with Clay Aiken.

  9. planetangst ( Studio57) says:

    Concert stat for Musikfest ( take THAT John Moser)

    08/13/2010 “Bethlehem Musikfest” Adam Lambert, Orianthi
    Sands Riverplace, Bethlehem, PA
    6,500 / 6,500 100%
    $20 – $38

  10. cali50 says:

    About Z100. I get text alerts for IIHY. 2 days ago I was getting one every 90 minutes- every 2 hours. Yesterday I only got 4 total! I have not gotten one, now, since 9:00 last night!
    I was really bummed but then I remembered the same thing happened to WWFM. They added early and stopped spinning as the song seemed to be peaking. So, I talked myself down off the ledge!
    And, “Yay!” for possibly a new single!

    • planetangst ( Studio57) says:

      What a bummer! But like someone pointed out, we probably got every buyer we are going to get from z100 already- time for new stations to step up.

    • angelaforaml says:

      Yeah, saw it at number 11 on their playlist this am, sads… And unlike WWFM which was in power for almost 5 weeks, IIHU highest position was about 6-7. Still love z for being good to Adam’s music and playing the heck out of it. Number 6 on the countries #1 station is nothing to be sad about.
      Love the updates, lets hope for the sales pick up a bit with new stations spinning the song. 🙂

      • planetangst ( Studio57) says:

        That’s all I care about at this point- he has a high enough AI- I want that song to move on Itunes, but man there is some really stiff competition out there right now- alot of it is dwindling down, like Airplanes and The Only Exception and Not Afraid, but those AI’s and spins are still high. That is the problem with giving some of these songs such high spins- it takes forever to go down and the newer songs are suffering for it, IMHO

  11. saga says:

    IIHY is going to be really close to Eminem and Paramore on Sunday (though probably not passing). 3 more updates this week and if they look like today;

    3*282 = 846 (Paramore is 853 spins away)
    3*151 = 453 (Eminem is 562 spins away)


  12. jtfacts says:

    Something to keep in mind with updates this weekend (and Monday) is the Labor Day Holiday. A lot of stations will be running countdowns instead of their regular programming and that will likely depress spins. The holiday will affect all songs, however, not just IIHY.

    The holiday weekend could also affect adds next week, especially HAC since it falls on Monday.

  13. saga says:

    Maybe the HAC stations will report on tuesday instead, haven’t we seen that happen before? Though probably mostly autoadders.

  14. jtfacts says:

    Possibly, but like you said mostly autoadders. I’d expect more Top 40 stations than usual to auto add next week as well.

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