Daily Numbers 9/1/10

BB HOT 100

IIHY stays at #32 on the U.S. Hot 100

IIHY rises to #8 on the Canadian Hot 100



Adam Lambert, For Your Entertainment (5,000, -5%, 719,000) (#89 BB200)

Adam Lambert, If I Had You (38,000, -11%, 339,000 total)
Adam Lambert, Whataya Want From Me (12,000, -6%, 1.503 million)


20 22 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 3657 3386 271 19.416
+85 Spins
+57 Bullet
+0.333 AI

#33 iTunes

24 22 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 996 810 186 4.691
+27 Spins
-7 Bullet
+0.085 AI

15 9 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 631 537 94 5.241

3 4 ADAM LAMBERT If I Had You 588 614 -26 4.036 

Updates in context:



Distances to competitors:

703 spins ahead of Nelly (-92)
133 spins away from Cosgrove (+79)
224 spins away from Drake (+323)
713 spins away from Eminem (+162)
1135 spins away from Paramore (+210)

187 spins ahead of Swift (-20)
10 spins ahead of La Roux (+58)
70 spins away from Gaga (+48)
524 spins away from Allen (+33)

Starters POP

Starters HAC


32 Responses to Daily Numbers 9/1/10

  1. planetangst says:

    I do not know what is happeining here but I do not want it to stop!

    Now come the frick on Itunes- let’s see ya MOVE!

  2. sagajo says:

    Lob, I changed a bit with the conext and just added link to the chart. What do you guys think? To avoid making the post so cluttered?

    I also removed the HAC adds post and put them all in one post, also to have it in one place and avoid too many posts.

    • titimira says:

      Sure, saga. It is probably simpler just to add the link to the chart (although that will change daily – so we won’t be able to look at, say, the surrounding chart from one week ago – but then again does anyone do that?).

      • sagajo says:

        Well there is kworbs/az’s charts on pulse for that. We should prob do a seperate link on the blogroll to that chart.

      • titimira says:

        True, only for POP though, I don’t think there is a record of HAC charts anywhere. But I doubt many people use them anyway, so I think it is fine.

  3. planetangst says:

    Yeah, I had the adds a mess. Especially since I had trouble copying and pasting from the addboard- that chart kept showing up. Looks nice and clean.

    Is there any way to move the adds on Monday to the top of the page on Tuesday so we don’t have to search for the post? Is that called a sticky?

    As far as adds I think lobs distances to competitiors or anything other than dimwitty’s numbers should probably be a reply post and not on the main page only because it is too long, but that is just IMHO.

  4. cosem says:

    Woohoo! Keep on moving bb!

    My prediction for this week: IIHY will pass KU (GTFO) and Drake and Billionaire will go recurrent (cause Flo rida and Swift are flying). Nelly won’t pass and, fingers crossed, IIHY will be #19 in the published top40 chart. It sounds nice isn’t it?

    Oh and it looks like Philly put IIHY on power rotation 🙂

  5. sagajo says:

    I posted screenshots of AA’s starters. I think we’re getting Cumulus synidcated spins… how many PC spins did we get last night?

    Sounds really nice ziz… I wanna pass 1R also, grrr. I am not happy with them passing. Also looks like top20 on HAC is a lock. Nickelback will go recurrent once they drop below #15.

    • cosem says:

      2 overnight PC spins yday, and it looks like 2 today. And saga your screenshots are beautiful but I agree with studio that maybe we should keep in the first post only the update and possibly the distances cause yeah the post is too long….sorry bb

      I wish I could find how you do the “read the rest of this entry after the jump” thing …like Mj’s

      • planetangst says:

        Very smart to whoever put the sales in with the daily numbers! Very easy to find Since we will be getting single sales today too we should probably have that be it for the main post.

        Can we put numbers always as the very first post though?

  6. jtfacts says:

    Yay for Q102 (Philly)–one of my local Top 40 stations!

    Nice update today.

    Half the starters on Top 40 are those 2 Billy Bush syndicated spins from Monday night, so I’m not sure we can read too much into them. When are the Atlanta concerts? It’d be nice if Adam could get in some promo time with the Atlanta Cumulus station.

  7. sagajo says:

    The whole C HAC panel has added IIHY now. 16 out of 21 C top40 stations have added IIHY but 19 stations are spinning it, so only 2 that haven’t put it into their rotation at all yet.

    Aaaaaaand top10 on Canada POP!!!!!

  8. sagajo says:

    Is PUU really up on hitpredictor?

  9. sagajo says:

    I dont know angsty, jtf said it was on hitpredictor when she popped in on yes.com.

    And yes, I am one smart cookie.

  10. jtfacts says:

    I saw it on Twitter…something about a HP “secret” song. I don’t think it means anything other than HP is trolling for Adam fans to do their damned survey!

  11. cali50 says:

    Hi guys! Just dropping in to say, “Nice charts and I miss you, especially my PM buddy!” BTW, this is myspencer. I belong to another board wordpress message board and cali50 is already my name there.
    Carry on!

    • planetangst says:

      Hi myspencer! I tried to find you on that new adam site but you are not listed? And then I was too cheap to stay there, lol.

      Glad you came by!

  12. planetangst says:

    I hope Indianapolis didn’t just start playing it because he was there this week, only to drop him afterward like my station did. I wonder how many stations did that actually.

  13. sagajo says:

    Welcome myspencer, nice to see familiar faces (or nicknames…)!

  14. sagajo says:

    From AO

    RCA Ed:
    Tonight's show is being taped?!?
    If the results look and sound as good as we expect, this will be the concert DVD you guys have been clamoring for. Stay tuned.

  15. planetangst says:

    OMG I would die. DIE! This is what I have been waiting for! Adam really played it up last night too. I guess everyone stayed quiet for soaked and he took like a 40 second pause. Then Him and Tommy got down and dirty on Fever AND IIHY. And 20th Century Boy kicked ass.

  16. planetangst says:

    single sales added to top post. Yikes- an 11% drop. Hope it’s a glitch.

    • jchang365 says:

      The 11% drop makes sense. It’s been in the 30s on iTunes all week, right? In the past, it was in the 20s. The song simply needs to start selling more again.

  17. sagajo says:

    Brian doesn’t report sales on the radio edit or the remixes. Might be that.

    • planetangst says:

      Doesn’t matter- all I had to do was go click on Justgills WWFM chart and see that it happens all the time! Nice to hve that handy for reference. WWFM had much bigger dips than that!

  18. jchang365 says:

    Great update!

  19. cali50 says:

    I am on ALF I just took the “my” off of my name and am now “SpencerPF.” You can put a PF into their search there and a list of anyone with PF comes up. Most of the PFers did that. I registered last night. I figured the money I pay is just gravy for Adam and 9.99 is the price of 2 lattes! LOL!

  20. jtfacts says:

    I wonder if tweets like “Après Adam Lambert, c’est au tour de Swedish House Mafia de démarrer chez la panthère. Ca fait 1 000 ans que ça tourne chez les voisins… ” mean WWFM is getting played in France? BTW, I don’t speak French so this could be totally insulting or irrelevant or something.

    • jchang365 says:

      I think this tweet is more about a group called Swedish House Mafia. However, the “After Adam Lambert” part in the beginning suggests that they might have played Adam or talked about Adam in some way before disucssing Swedish House Mafia. Where is the tweet from?

  21. cali50 says:

    Does Brian Mansfield get his numbers from Soundscan? Am I wrong about that? If he doesn’t then where does he get his numbers? Did the 42,000 figure, from last week, for IIHY incude the remixes? I’m still not concerned about the drop because I would expect the first week of the remixes to make the sales figure inflated. If we go back to the week before that, there is actually an increase for IIHY.
    But, can someone explain when, where, how the remix singles get added in?

  22. sagajo says:

    I think Brian only gets numbers for the main single source, which is the album version. BB will count together all the sales from both the album version, the remixes and the radio edit when they weight sales into his BB HOT 100 positon.

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