New Gaga song

What do you guys think? She is going very “classical” lately, no?


7 Responses to New Gaga song

  1. planetangst says:


    Are you serious- is this really her new song?

  2. sagajo says:

    I don’t think it’s her new single, but a new song she debuted at a concert. I think it’s very Elton John. I thought that about the other new song she debuted too.

  3. planetangst says:

    I do think she is this generation’s Elton. The day I saw her sing Speechless with him at The Grammys (?) it was almost like he was passing the torch. This is on par more with Candle In The Wind than his earlier stuff like Levon or Daniel though, IMHO

  4. sagajo says:

    Yeah, but the current radio climate is not really Elton John friendly… and Paparazzi and Just Dance are not Eltonish… wonder where she’ll be going with this. I don’t think for a second she will leave the dance music sound.

  5. planetangst says:

    No I don’t think she will either.. This song just kind of sounds like a little ditty she made up for her fans.

  6. jtfacts says:

    I can’t listen to the song where I am, but Speechless has always reminded me of Elton John, so I agree with studio/PA about how she could be this generation’s Elton.

  7. jchang365 says:

    ITA jtfacts. I thought Speechless was very Elton John-ish. It’s one of my favorite songs from her. TBH, I think this is Lady Gaga’s real style of music, the one that she made when she was singing in clubs as Stefani Germanotta. It’s just that when she realized that in order to achieve “The Fame,” she needed to change and make dance-pop. I think that transformation and what it meant to do it pretty much inspired her debut album and TFM.

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